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  • Basic SEO Audit

    SEO Audit offers, 1) What's wrong with your current site? 2) What are the Loopholes in your Website? 3) Things Missing in your Website? 4) SEO Strategy Score 5) Your Social Media Channels Audit

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  • Google Penalty: How to Avoid in 2022?

    Well, You guys must have seen lots of LinkedIn Posts, Youtube Videos, Blog articles in your Email Box, and Social Media Feeds talking about Google Penalty and Recent Google Updates. This topic is helping you to understand as a New Business Owner, Website Designer, How you can be far from Google Penalty. I always want to make simple contents that can be understood by nontechnical persons too. Table of Contents : On-Page Tactics - 1) Avoid Plagiarized Contents I have seen many clients' website which comes for SEO Audit and they directly take the content and Copy Paste on their own website without a single Character Updates. Well, Google Love Unique, Fresh, Informative Content. Don't ever Copy and Paste any website Text, Image, or Videos Contents from competitors. 2) Don't do Keyword Spoofing Literally, some clients are smart and they have access to SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Directly Search Keywords and Put that in Website Contents over 50+ Times. Well, Google can easily understand you are doing Keyword Spoofing here. Some of our Clients do Keyword spoofing by keeping them in White backgrounds. Text Colors and Make it Hidden. Don't do it. 3) Don't make 301 a Puzzle Some clients Make 301 Redirect a Puzzle game for their visitors and make it that long that the user left the site early. Keep it simple and Always Redirect to the Important Relevant Topic Page. 4) Don't Use Cheap Content Writing AI Software Google August 22 Core Update highlighted part as "Writing contents for Human by Human" So they are clearly against the AI Content Writing Software tools that just fetch the contents from RSS Feeds of other sites and Rewrite the same sentence multiple times with different phrases. Google Works on Machine Language and they can understand how often the exit page ratio of a site is and understand whether the content is valuable or not. So Hire some Professional Content Writing Services at some Extra Cost, If you are looking for Long Term benefits. 5) Don't Overuse Keywords Per Page I have seen multiple client website SEO setups done by inexperienced SEO Freelancers and they literally don't know how to use SEO Keywords that can help them rank better. Keep in that Mind, Always Target 4 - 5 Main Target Keywords Per Page. 6) Always Keep Canonical URL Short & Simple with Possibly a Keyword I have seen the client' Canonical URL like 1123232@@##@! Do you feel it's right to have links like this on your website? Always Make the page URL Short, Simple and Try to Use Main Keyword in the URL with Target Location. 7) Don't Follow Competotiors Blindly People who don't have knowledge of SEO and Just Copy their Competitor's Strategy directly without understanding their Strengths, Weakness, or Their SEO plans. You should always Hire an Experienced SEO Consultant who can give you a Detailed Competitor SEO Audit. 8) Provide Contents that a Human can read and Understand Some of the clients just write content or Take Content from other sites and rewrite them for sake of plagiarism and just paste it on their website, which doesn't mean anything when you read it. Always make your website contents Clean, Easy to Read, and Bullet Points, proper Images, Videos, and Call to Action Buttons. 9) Always Make your Sitemap Clean As mentioned in my above Point, your website navigation experience is an important part too, Don't make Sitemap so complex that visitors can't reach their required page or services you offer. Always Consult SEO Expert for SEO Strategy Formation. 10) Don't make multiple pages for the same contents Don't do content duplication or URL Canonical errors, that can lead you serious google penalties as well, Always Make a good Plan of Sitemap, and Distribute Main Topics with main High Search Volume Keywords and Subtopics with Low Competiton Keywords. 11) Don't Copy Page Title, Meta description, or Meta Keywords Tags same on all Pages Some clients just copy and paste Meta descriptions, keywords, and Page titles to all pages of their website, that's the wrong strategy. Always Hire SEO experts to do that if you don't have any SEO-related Knowledge. 12) Always use H1 - H2 Tags as your Main Keywords for different Pages Your H1 and H2 Tags are important and each page should have different H1, and H2 Tags with High Volume Keywords so that can easily be crawled by Google Bots. 13) Always Check the Page Depth of your Website Page depth is important which helps google understand, how many page links have been given to different pages and Check whether they are useful or not. but as said don't overdo it. 14) Don't overdo Page Interlinkings Anchor Tags are important and it helps Wikipedia to get a very High DA Site you can even make your Page Interlinkings help in SEO, but don't overdo it without any proper planning, that can lead high bounce ratio and higher Exit Page Ratio for your website. 15) Contact Page Should always be reached from Any Page of the Site The Important page of your website should be the Contact Page, which should be reached easily from any page of your site, it can be reached easily via the Main menu, Body, Footer, Call to action buttons, and Popup. Off Page Tactics - 1) Don't Buy Cheap Backlinks from Fiverr This is a Main Important point if you don't want to get penalized. Don't buy Cheap SEO Backlinks Services Starting from $5. This will give you a long-term penalty and Rank Drop. Always Hire an Experienced Link Building Service Provider. 2) Don't do PBN Never ever buy PBN Guest Blog Gigs from Fiverr, This can give you Long Term Google penalty. 3) Don't Make Your Google Business Page Name a Keyword, It should be always your Brand Name with Speciality I have seen people keep Keywords as their google business names and then get banned from Google. Don't use Google Business page as Website SEO, It works differently. 4) Don't Make Backlinks from Spammy Website Don't Make .edu or .gov spam backlinks, Cheap Blog Comments, or Forum Commenting. Rather make good backlinks on Local Directory or Guest Posting. 5) Always Block Spam Sites You will see lots of Private Blogs or Blogspot-based domains get no follow backlinks from your site without your knowledge. Most of them are Spammy, and Adult Backlinks which you should block using Search Console Disallow Tool. 6) Keep your Robots.txt updated Block Spammy Backlinks, Archive Pages, Tags, Category Pages in Robots.Txt Technical SEO Tactics - 1) Always Make your Website Design Clean & Easy to Navigate Your Website should be easy to read, Navigate, Viewable on all devices, and Proper Call to action and Without any Broken Links. 2) Check your Mobile Responsive Version Before Release In the USA 90% of the Traffic on websites comes from Mobile Devices, So you can understand how important your mobile version of the site is, Always check overlapping issues, easy to click, Fast Loading, Easy to Navigate pages before launch. 3) Website Speed Optimization Always check your website loading speed on Gtmetrix or Google Page Speed test and Check out errors, which needs to be fixed on-site and Get that done for better Loading Speed. Check mobile Loading speed because that loads sometimes on Mobile Data as well so it should load quickly on mobile data and Wifi. If you want a Blog on Website Speed Optimization, Please subscribe to our Newsletter. 4) Always Check your Schema Markup Code Schema Markup code is tricky and needs to be done with proper care. because WordPress plugins offer schema markup codes by default, but you have to use the right schema codes per page type. Conclusion : If you like this blog article and want to get more inside tips and Tricks of SEO, Wix Website Design, or WordPress Web design. Subscribe to our Newsletter. About Me - I have over 9+ Years of SEO and Web Design Experience and I am a Top Rated Plus Freelancer on Upwork. I do provide different services like, 1 Web Design 2 SEO Services 3 Social Media Marketing 4 Google PPC Marketing 5 Social Media Paid ad campaigns 6 Graphics Design 7 Content Writing and Content Marketing 8 Search Engine Marketing

  • Google Reviews: Apps to Consider in 2022

    As a business owner getting good google reviews and showcasing your customer satisfaction ratio help you to win confidence in your services. but how a google rating can make your brand stand out? How to create a Google Business Page? Well, you will be amazed to know that creating a google business page is free and Takes 5 Mins only, Isn't that amazing? You just need your Business Name, Business Address, Contact Number, Service Details, Photos, Starting Date, etc. If you have those details just create a Google business page today. What details do you need to get started to set up a google business page? 1) Essential Contact Information - Brand Name, Email, Contact Numbers, Opening Hours, Logo, Business Opening Date, Special Timings, Website Link, Appointment Link (Either from Website or Use Google Offered Booking Widgets) 2) Promotional activities - Photos, Videos, Team Pics, Cover Images with Contact Information, Site Work, Events Pics, etc. 3) Get a Free Google Website - You will be amazed to know that google offers a Free Website Creation option in Google Business Page Setup, Where you can create a free website. 4) Posts or Offers - After Successful Google My Business Page Creation, YOu can start Posting Every Week Recent Updates, Developments, Offers, and Events Details at your Google Business Page. If you want to know, How to Manage the Google Business Page? Contact us today. How to take Benefit of Google reviews for business? If you have more than 10 Reviews on your Google My Business Page or Reviews on Other sites like Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb,, Yelp, AliExpress, eBay, G2, Etsy, Apple App Store, Avvo, BBB, Capterra, DealerRater, Edmunds, Google Play Store, Healthgrades, OpenTable, HomeAdvisor, Hotels, Houzz, Tripadvisor, Vrbo, Zillow and more. You can use the below Apps in 2022 to showcase your google reviews or third-party customer reviews on your website. 1) Elfsight - This is an affordable, Easy to Setup, Saas App where you can create multiple types of Website Elements, Widgets for your website and It can easily Embed on any site. This is an affordable way to see my google reviews on a website. Pros - They offer Monthly and Yearly Subscription Options They Usually get Some discount on 1st month of signup with a Coupon Code They are Easy to Create and manage They offer multiple websites designing widgets like Sliders, Chat Apps, Reviews Apps, Social Media Feeds, Form Creation, eCommerce, Video, and Picture Gallery Options. All 80+ Apps Pricing Starts from $15/Month Single Google Reviews App Pricing Stats from just $5/Month 14-day money-back guarantee Even users can Leave reviews directly on Google Business Page from the Website Cons - For Some CMS, it doesn't Perform Well Their Affiliate Program doesn't pay with Paypal Directly (They have shifted to Paddle) Google Schema Code doesn't work sometimes well as planned They don't upgrade their design style with time It's a Russian Company ( Due to US Sanctions on Russia in 2022 affiliate payment gets delayed ) Doesn't offer any Negative Review Control Option If you have successful Reviews on multiple sources, I must Recommend using the Elfsight All in one review Widget. 2) EmbedSocial - This is an advanced Greece Based Saas Company that offer Google Ratings Integration with Different CMS-based Website. They offer different Options Like Reviews, Social Media Feeds, Stories, Form Creation, bio page builders Etc. Pros - It's Easy to Use You get Enough Directions, Training on How to Add Google Reviews on the Website Offers 7 Days Free Trail On Yealy Plans you can get a 20% Discount Showcase Google snippets Offers Manual Review Additions from Other Sources Offers Negative Review Control Cons - Little Bit Expensive Pricing Stats from $29/Month Limited Source to Embed in this app If you want to Showcase Google Ratings or Facebook Reviews, You can Consider EmbedSocial App. 3) ReviewsOnMyWebsite - If you want to showcase Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, Yell, Thumbtack, Zillow, BBB, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, WeddingWire, The Knot, Avvo, SiteJabber Sources. Pros - This is a Perfect affordable option if you have multiple locations business Affordable Pricing Stars from $9/Month Offers Great Resources to Embed Reviews In Premium Plan - You Collect more feedback with automated SMS and Email requests Offers Review Monitoring & Control Option Cons - Still need Future Updates New App Only No other Widgets Offered than Google Ratings App If you want more suggestions for SEO Tools or Apps, Do Subscribe to our Newsletter, We publish new Contents Every Week on our Website.

  • Yudha Global Benefits Businesses With Long-Term Solutions For Steady Growth: GoodFirms

    When you get a combination of Web Design and SEO Services all at the same place, your business benefits and acquires a long-term solution for your all business needs. Yudha Global is one among those trusted service providers that can take your business to the next level without costing you much and of course, in the promised time frame. Newly named as Wix SEO Expert, Yudha Global is a prominent name in the world of information technology. Established in 2014 in Vadodara, Gujarat, the company has been into Digital Marketing and Web Design Service for over 9 years and has successfully completed more than 400 projects for its worldwide clientele. The company delivers results by establishing your online presence with Wix and Weebly. Wix SEO Expert is a top-rated service provider for Website Design, SEO Services, and Digital Marketing Services. The top-notch projects of the company include a variety of jobs like creating Informative Sites, Blogs, E-commerce and Landing Pages. The company has successfully served more than 350 clients so far by accomplishing 4,000 hours of work on UpWork. With completing 250+ designs and 300 SEO boosts done, Wix SEO Expert owns 100% of customer satisfaction rate and 85+ referred clients with Top Rated Plus Badge on UpWork. The Web Design Services offered by Wix SEO Expert include, Wix Website Design, Wix Mobile Optimization, Weebly Website Design, WordPress to Wix Integration, WordPress to Weebly Integration, E-Commerce Website Design, Blog Website design, Landing Page Design. On the other hand, the Digital Marketing Services at the company covers, SEO Services, Local SEO Services, Link Building Services, E-commerce SEO Services, Multilingual SEO Services, Online Reputation Management, Google Penalty Recovery, Social Media Marketing, Google PPC Services, YouTube SEO Services. The global SEO services market is expected to grow to $51.52 billion in 2022 compounding an annual growth rate of 22.1%. The year 2020 has been a year of uncertainty when more and more people turned towards online search engines for acquiring various types of information. The businesses, after seeking a huge scope of growth and development in the digital marketing industry, encouraged search advertising spending globally up to USD 104.8 billion. Hence, the amazing online marketing and promotional services by Wix SEO Expert enabled its clients to get a lucrative business. Of course, when more people than ever start using mobile devices to stay up-to-date and find the latest information, Wix SEO Expert does a lot to make profits to go into their client’s pockets. The company is immensely appreciated as well as recognized by leading review and rating companies like GoodFirms and is rated as the most promising digital marketing company in India in GoodFirms directory listing. It is connecting to global businesses and supporting them hard with amazing digital assistance. About the Author Working as a Content Writer at GoodFirms, Anna Stark bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna's dominant role lingers to form every company's achievement and critical attributes into words. She strongly believes in the charm of words and equips new approaches that work, always with concepts, something new to create, and something unique to enhance the firm's identity.

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  • Best SEO Company Cambodia, SEO Services Cambodia, SEO Consultant

    SEO Services Cambodia Are you looking for Best SEO Services in Cambodia and wanted to Get the Best Local SEO Service Provider to Get Top Ranking on Google Business Page, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Trust Pilot, Trip Advisor many other Review getting Sites. I definitely Look forward to clients Who are seeking Higher Traffic, Growth, Social Media Visits, Sales Inquiries, and E-commerce Sales. ​ I have worked with different Cambodia-based clients' SEO like Local SEO, E-commerce SEO, Blog SEO, and Informative Site SEO. I have 100% Confident if you want Local SEO For Cambodia Cities and Wanted to Get More Local Inquiries and Organic Traffic from Cambodia, Angkor, Siem Reap, and Near Cities. Check out my Past SEO Client's Case Studies based in Cambodia and Different Industries Like Travel Portal, and Consulting Business SEO. ​ When you are looking for Cambodia's Best SEO Expert and confused, about what you should know before hiring them, Then check out my 11 Points of SEO Checklist. ​ 1) Local SEO Rankings 2) Get Map Listing from Different Local Directory Sites and Services 3) Correct Keywords and Keyword Density 4) Correct On-Page SEO Setup With Correct Keyword Focused Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords 5) SEO-Friendly Site Links 6) Call to action Setup 7) Easy to Navigate UI/UX 8) Mobile Optimization 9) Correct Schema Markup Setup 10) Correct Off-Page Setup 11) Correct Backlinks Strategy based on Nature of Business Industry SEO Case Studies of Cambodia Tuk Tuk Tours Weebly SEO Read More > Are you the Next? :) Contact Us >

  • Affordable SEO Services, Best SEO Company in India | Yudha Global

    Top of Page Types of SEO SEO Process Country Wise SEO Case Studies SEO Services FAQ SEO Services Testimonials SEO Blogs Contact Nowadays Everybody Needs Online Presence With a Website Social Media channels or Maps So People can reach you easily via Phone no, Email, Website, Or Direction itself. This is the 21st Century, Everything is going to be Digital. Imagine, Now you can search everything via mobile just Turn on your Camera and ask google, what it is, or Where I get this, and that will give you exact sources, details, and client feedback, Isn't it great? ​ So How do you get an online presence, Well, For that Only you need to consult with an Expert SEO Agency, Who Understands Google Latest Search Engine Optimization Algorithms, Updates, and How Your Website Can be Reached by Million of Users. So there are a couple of Types of SEO Services available In Market Like, 1) White Hat SEO Services 2) Black Hat SEO Services 3) Grey Hat SEO Services ​ Well, To be honest, you should go with only Option 1 - White Hat SEO Services because that will be the Highest ROI and Gives you Long Term Business Generation Opportunity. GET SEO REPORT Best SEO Company & SEO Services Rated as Best SEO Agency and Over 8+ Years of SEO Firm We have served over 200+ amazing clients, let us help you. Get a comprehensive competitive analysis and learn about our SEO services. Get Started Today! Types of SEO Services Local SEO Services If you are seeking to get 1st Rank on Google Maps, City or Specific Area wise 1st Page Ranking Local SEO. Global SEO Services If you are seeking to get a global 1st Page Ranking over the country-wise SEO For E.g USA, UK, UAE Country 1st Page Ranking. E-commerce SEO Services If your store is not getting sales, Leads, Traffic from Social media, or Search Engine then consults me for E-commerce SEO. Blog SEO Services If your blog needs White hat SEO optimization and boosts on the Page, the AMP version loads faster on Mobile view. Set Tag, Keywords, H1 Tag. Multi-Language SEO Services If your website is Multi-language and wants more traffic from different countries and Local Language-wise Keywords, Search phrases, Hire me today. Youtube SEO Services If you are Owing a Youtube Channel and are Not Sure how to plan your content, and topics, reach your target audience, Increase Followers, Engagement with the Public do consult Youtube SEO. Amazon SEO Services If you are an Affiliate or Amazon Merchant Seller or Entrepreneur who is selling his/her 1st ever Newly Launched product and like to get more sales and increase CTR, Contact your Amazon Store Link. Google Penalty Recovery If you Notice all Sudden Traffic Drop or Leads Lost or Ranking Lost on Search Engines then you must be Penalized by Google for Bad Backlinking, Keyword Spoofing, Balck Hat SEO, or Grey Hat SEO Methods. If you want to make it a White Hat SEO Method do Consult Google Penalty Recovery. Online Reputation Management If you don't know how to make returning customers, increase your Ranking on Local Map, Increase customer engagement and increase the number of Loyal Customer Strategies, Contact now. Contact Now Our SEO Process Internal Link Optimization your Website Structure should be easily Navigate, Should be redirected to Right Pages, and users Should Reach other Pages Easily, We Make Sure your Internal Linking is done Professionally. External High Domain Authority Link Building Whether it's Local SEO, Global SEO, Multi-Country SEO, Multi-Language SEO, or High Domain Authority based Link Building is Important as that increases your Point of Contact for Visitors and They can be easily Reach your services through multiple Sources. Ongoing SEO Activities In SEO it's a Long Term Process and Needs to Take care of Every Activities, Result, Fixing Spam Backlinks, Broken Links, Low Domain Authority Backlinks, Posting Good Content in Infographics, PDFs, Slides, Also Constant Posting on Google Business Page, Social Media Pages is also important. Monthly Reporting We provide Ongoing Monthly Reporting to our all SEO Clients to give them an idea about Keyword Rank Position and Website Traffic Performance. Keyword Research We Make sure We use only High / Medium/ Low Amounts of Right keywords Which Results Into Open-Ended Keywords Ranking, Long Tail Keywords Rankings, and Constant High Traffic Generating Keywords too. Keyword Assignment Once Right Keywords Research is done, the Next Step is to Assign the Right Keywords to the Right Pages with a Perfect amount of Contents, Pages, Easy to Navigate Menu Structure. On-Site SEO Code Optimization We Make sure We use only High / Medium/ Low Amounts of the Right keywords Which Results Into Open-Ended Keywords Ranking, Long Tail Keywords Rankings, and Constant High Traffic Generating Keywords too. On-Site Content Optimization If you know which are the Right Keywords, Then your content should have enough Keywords Placed, Alter Image Tags, Blog Tags, Images, Videos, Categories Placed, Anchored Texts, Linked inner or External, and Social Media Page Linkup is done. Also Writing Correct Limit Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Keywords. Country wise SEO Services Case Studies USA UK Australia Cambodia UAE Canada Netherlands Our SEO Blogs Dhruv Nimbark Aug 31 5 min Google Penalty: How to Avoid in 2022? In this article, I am giving you insights into Google Penalty, How to avoid On Page, Off Page, and technical SEO. 15 0 Post not marked as liked Dhruv Nimbark Jul 12 5 min Link Building vs Backlinks There's a lot of debate in the SEO world about the best way to build links to your website. Check out Link Building vs Backlinks. 58 0 Post not marked as liked Dhruv Nimbark May 5 8 min Which Is More Important, Branded or Non-Branded Traffic? In this article, we'll go over both options 1. Branded Traffic 2. Non Branded Traffic and the pros and cons of each. 293 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Dhruv Nimbark Apr 22 6 min Why Do Dentists Need SEO? Benefits Of Good SEO For Your Dentists Business If you are a dentist, then you know that it is important to have a good SEO. But what exactly is SEO? And what are the benefits of SEO. 81 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Dhruv Nimbark Apr 21 4 min How to Fast Rank Video Higher with Video SEO? Producing video is one thing, and creating optimised video content is another. 8 Pragmatic tips to fast rank videos higher with video SEO. 38 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Dhruv Nimbark Mar 5 2 min 5 SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic In 2022, Google has Released many Search Algorithm Updates, Check out 5 SEO Techniques to Drive more Organic Traffic in 2022. 74 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 GET IN TOUCH I can't wait to hear from you Get in Touch Today For the best SEO Consultation Today! arrow&v Send

  • California Based Escape Room Wix SEO | Escape Room SEO Services | USA

    << Back To Portfolio >> California Based Escape Room Wix SEO -Quick Stats - Website Link - Target Country - USA Target Local City - Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Done For - Google, Bing , Yahoo Number of Visitors - 1500+ Per Month Number of Inquires - 30+ Per Month Sales - 250+ Transactions Number of Keywords Ranking on 1st Page - 25+ Number of Reviews - 200+ On Google Business Page, Yelp, Facebook Client's Feedback - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Back to Portfolio

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