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    • How to improve Wix SEO in 2020?

      Every Startup company or business, Entrepreneurs need SEO Services for their online presence and to get more traffic, Leads, and Sales. As in 2020 just Creating a Good UI based Website Design won't give your the Global Presence. The people who think, I have spent $1000 for my Website design but I am not getting any organic traffic or leads to my website. Well, to improve your online presence you need to prepare data like, 1) What type of services do you like to offer? 2) Who is your target audience? 3) Who is your target country? 4) How they can search for your services on Search engines? 5) Which language do you like to focus on and generate leads from? 6) Who are your top 5 competitors? Once you have these details ready then you can move to the next step. 1) Competitor Analysis - When you know that one of your top competitors is already ranking on 1st page of Google, then you should check their website and check their page structure, keywords, and their blog articles, their site Structure, Types of Content they have written, what sort of data they show you on website pages. This will save 50% of the time and understand what not to do. Things to consider while doing Competitors analysis, 1) Check their Domain Name 2) Check their home Page 3) Check their Menu and Submenu 4) Check their types of content they used 5) Check their header and Footer 6) Check their social media links 7) Check their contact Page and Form Fields 8) Check their content strategy on each service page 9) Check mediums they used for publishing their contents 10) Check their Blog articles and number of posts per month 11) Check their Service Page names and Keywords they are focusing 12) Check their website loading speed 13) Check their online reputation management stats (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot reviews) 2) Keyword research - After successful competitors analysis is done and you gather enough information then you can check out by SEO Tools (Spyfu, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, SEMScoop, Serpstat and much more other available in the market), which gives you an idea what type of keywords your competitors are using and for which page they are using those keywords so you get content ideas as well. Make sure you choose mixed keywords which are High Traffic generating (High Volume) as well as High/Medium/Low Competiton based. so you can cover more traffic and proper keyword-based rankings. If you need Keyword research help just contact us. Also, you need to search for Questions and Long Tail Keywords and related keywords that people also looking for, which is a great source of Traffic generation and get leads. Check out an example for Cleaning Service Business Keyword Research from SEMRush, 3) Decide Page Structure - After you understand Keywords, Competitors strategy how to distribute keywords on page-wise, you can start planning your Site Structure. Basically it's Website Page names and Page Structure. Make sure you define a multi-level page structure so you can get more Page Interlinking benefits. While creating Page Structure you need to make sure you cover main high traffic generating keywords as Page names so you can generate more traffic and in Sub Menu you can use specialized Service based Keywords, => For e.g SEO Services (has to be Main Keyword and main Page) While Local SEO Services (Is a Specialized Keyword or type of Service) Make sure your main service pages have to be visible from Header, Footer, and Even in each of the Service pages so visitors can check all your services easily. 4) Content Preparation - After you know the right keywords and your competitor's content strategy too, so now you can get started for content writing, You can hire contents writers from third party websites or Freelancing portal too. Now you need to invest more money and time for Content preparation because, "Unique Content is King" You have to understand that every page should have more than 1000 Words Contents and Unique contents so it can increase Page Quality, Backlink Chances, Page Interlinking Chances, Easy Navigation Experience from one page to another. Also, Google Loves Fresh and Unique contents when they prioritize the website listing on their search listings. You can consult with SEO Experts for this. After the above steps are done, you can Hire a Wix Expert like me which can do On-Page SEO Setup by following steps. 5) Set up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console - If you want to track your website performance, top pages, traffic source, session duration, Page Flows, User activity you need to connect your Google Analytics account to check those stats. For Making your website crawled by SEO Bots then you need to set up google search Console account with your Wix site. 6) Connect your social media accounts with Wix Site to sync data between Site and Social Media accounts, You can even use third-party apps or Wix Apps to fetch feeds from your Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram Page. Other Activities that Wix SEO Expert can help you in are, 1) Placing Right Meta Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Link in your SEO Option. 2) Placing Structured Data script code of Local business, Services, FAQ, About Us, Person's Schema markup code so google can easily read your website. 3) Placing Meta Keywords Tags up to 300 Characters as per Wix Updates in 2020. 4) Enable Caching Settings to Make your website fast loading. and Website Speed Optimization 5) Check On-Page SEO by checking Broken Links, H1 - H6 Tags, Contents based on keywords, Page Interlinking Strategy. 6) You can use Wix SEO Wiz to setup SEO or you can use third-party apps Like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Semrush, Spyfu, SEMScoop, Moz, and many more. 7) Setup 301 Redirection for your website so people don't see any 404 Pages while surfing the website. 8) Place third party Application code into your website so users can check out your Facebook, Yelp, Google, Trust pilot, Tripadvisor, booking, and many other website Reviews at the same time. 9) Check your website Design, User Friendliness, Mobile responsive, tablet view, if any issues fix them. 10) Do Proper Page Interlinking so visitors stay a long time on the website and increase page views and session duration. 11) Fix your website contents and suggest the right content strategy which can increase traffic. 12) Setup Google Analytics, Search Console 13) Give you ongoing SEO suggestions for content promotion, blog posting, social media posting 14) Keep eye on Spam backlinks and remove them 15) Maintaining 301 redirects and Fix 404 Error page issues from the website. 16) Keep updating Keywords as required ongoing basis 17) Creating High DA based backlinks, Content Promotion, Blog Promotion, and many other Off-Page SEO Activities. If you need a White Hat SEO Expert which can increase your website Ranking Position and Traffic Let's get in touch!

    • How to rank the Informative business website on Google?

      I am sure in your life being an Entrepreneur or Business owner and you have a website which you invested $1000+ but still not getting enough traffic or Leads which you expected. Also when you search for your business name or your service names or product names, still your website doesn't popups on the 1st Page of Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. As a Business Owner, you expect after completing $1000 website you will get lots of Inquires and Leads on your website, but basically main marketing effort starts from Scratch Idea only, When you design any Website, you should first consult with an SEO Company which provide a guide about the right strategy, content creation idea, Right Keywords, SEO Friendly Page Structure. You also need to provide them information about your, 1 Target Audience 2 Target Country 3 Top Competitors 4 Business Niche Because when you provide them these details they can give you guidelines on how to build an SEO friendly website which can get started immediately after completion to get ROI, right? After lots of frustration, lots of calls with an SEO agency, and discussing quotes by chance you make decisions of Hiring SEO Company ( I mean Cheap SEO Company :) this takes lots of time and money, right? How can you judge your SEO Agency is in the right direction or not? Are they giving their 100% effort or not? Are you really increasing your website traffic or not? Are you really see the difference in lead generation? You need to understand when you build a website or Hire any SEO Company to increase your website rankings on Search Engines you need to provide below details to understand the history of the website and how did you build it with which strategy? These questions I write here, you need to answer them by own or you can share this with your SEO Agency so they can give you more proper SEO Services and save your money and effort, Generalize Question - Have you hired any SEO Company before? Have you done any Competitor analysis before making any website? Have you really done Keyword Research for your Industry, competitors? Have you build this website contents by own or have you taken it from another site? Have you taken care while writing content that it's more than 1000 Words Contents each page? How do you handle when you receive any Lead? How do you market currently about your product/services? Do you write fresh blogs or articles on the Website blog, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Quora portal? On-Page SEO related questions - Are these website's images are Free to use or Licensed? Have you made sure that your content is 100% Unique? Have your places Called to action on each page? Have you placed Call to action for other Services page navigation in your every page? Have you made sure your website header and Footer Consists of your main pages with a link or not? Have you made sure you mentioned your company email, contact number, Opening Hours, Google Map link? Have you placed your social media channel links or not? Have you included a Blog section or not? Do you have any FAQ page on the website? Have you placed the right images and videos to explain your services? Have you given the right Alt Image Tags for your website images? Testing and technical related Questions - Have you tested your contact form? Have you tested your website Loading speed? Have you placed CDN, Installed Right Plugins for Speed Optimization, Server Caching Settings? Have you tested your website's Responsiveness in different devices? Have you done proper 404-page creation or not? Have you done proper 301 redirections? Have you placed the google Search Console and Google Analytics code on your website? Is your website SSL enabled? Does your Phone Number setup with the correct format with Country code? Does your website user experience is easy to understand or you make them confuse to the right page? Have you set up any Chat agent where they can contact you and get consultation quickly? How soon your communication team responds back to Leads? Have you placed any Welcome Bar or Quick Update bar where they can know about your current working schedules or redirect them to a specific page? Have you placed a minimum Third Party API on the website or not? Competitors Analysis - Have you done a competitor's analysis for SEO? Have you checked your competitor's websites? Have you checked their blog page and frequency of post updation? Have you checked their Social Media pages? Have you checked their reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot, or another rating website? Do you ask your customers to leave reviews? Have you done any automatic response setup for User Experience when they submit any forms? If you still don't get any leads or Website Traffic do consult with Yudha Global, We offer Pure White Hat SEO Services at an affordable cost. Our SEO Pricing starts from $250 Per Month. We are also Top Rated Wix SEO Freelancer and Weebly SEO Freelancer Company on Upwork.

    • Squarespace Review 2020 - Pros and Cons of the Site Builder

      Squarespace’s homepage is certainly nice to look at. Among all website builders we’ve tested, hardly any other company understands how to stage its product with such perfection. Everything looks cool, fresh and impeccable. Let’s find out if the website builder follows suit. Squarespace’s latest version 7 introduces some new features like a Cover Page Builder, G Suite and Getty Images. However, the most important aspect is the editor’s usability. Now it’s possible to edit content live, without switching back and forth between the site manager and preview mode. We’re big fans of inline editing as it makes things not only less abstract but also faster. Please note that our work is supported by different website builders and we offer other services too, Learn more here. Table of Contents - 1 Squarespace Review 2 Squarespace Website Costing 3 How to build a website using squarespace website Builder 4 Pros of Squarespace Website Builder 5 Cons of squarespace website builder 6 Conclusion Squarespace Review 2020 - As you know Squarespace website builder is a Drag and Drop website builder like Wix, Weebly, Jimdo Website Builders. but what's the difference and what's unique points of Squarespace Website builder, How is it User Friendly and what types of business can opt for Squarespace Website builder. Squarespace Website Costing - Personal - $12/Month A good solution if you don't need an online store and just Informative simple website. Business - $18/Month Includes an online store with a transaction fee of 3% , if you are a startup company. Basic Commerce - $26/Month Sell online without transaction fees with basic Ecommerce Functionality. Advance Commerce - $40/Month Use advanced ecommerce features like Instagram product, Abandoned Cart Recovery and many more. You can check out more details about price comparison and Functionalities list here. So pricing point of view Squarespace is costly as compare to Wix and Weebly Website Builder, Also you don't get any free Domain or website publishing option. also starting price of this website builder is higher as compare to App Integration Options, Ecommerce Functionality and blog Option. How to build a website using squarespace website Builder - Choose a template and start a free trial. Get a domain name for your site - get a free custom domain name for the first year of an annual website plan. Use the CMS website builder tools to add your own text and photos. Make a website that fits your brand by choosing from hundreds of fonts, colors, and stock photo options. If you don’t have a logo, you can create a logo using the free logo maker. Publish your site and promote it using social media features and email marketing tools. Squarespace Features List - Pros of Squarespace Website Builder - 1) Pre avilable Block Design Elements to choose - You can select a Free theme and get started to editing and can connect with personal domain if you upgrade the plan, Squarespace also offers pre built elements for your website page so you can choose among ready made elements like Our Team, Slider, Portfolio sections and place it by pressing + Button to add a section. 2) Easy to Manage - It's easy to Drag and Drop Website builder and you can use WYSIWYG Builder experience and you can preview Desktop, Mobile, Tablet Versions on the go. 3) Easy for SEO Management - Squarespace offers great seo setup with integrated seo option integration and options to upload social media option. 4) Nice Blog Setup - You can use SEO Friendly Blog Option with options like Slug, URL, AMP Version of Blog, Website Analytics support. 5) Modern Looking Full Width, Parallax based Website Templates - Check out Squarespace different website templates for business like local business, blog, portfolio, cv and many more. 6) Eye Catching UI Design Concepts - Full width, dynamic templates with modern looking User Interface design and dynamic sliders, sections, block based design. Cons of squarespace website builder - 1 Costly Plans - Squarespace is one of the costly Drag and Drop Website Builder. 2 Limited Templates - You will see only few types of business and entrepreneurs can opt for squarespace website builder, also they have very limited Templates. 3 Limited Apps - You just get only around 10 Third party app integration offered by squarespace so that limits the use of this website builder. 4 Extension are costly - Their limited Apps are also costly and starts from $19 or $39 per month basis which is highly priced. 5 Limited Business Types can use this Builder - As per Website Templates list, you will notice that squarespace website builder is not for all types of business if you want specific based tempalte then you need to either custom code or customs design those templates. 6 If you need Custom Design section, you need to have be technical - If you don't know how to code then you can't do custom coding or designing in Squarespace website Builder. 7 You need to hire a Squarespace Web Designer if you want Customized Look and Feel - As per limited template list and business types can use Squarespace website builder, you need to hire squarespace website Builder expert to get your website design. If you need help with squarespace website design contact us today. 8 For SEO Services you need to Hire Squarespace SEO Freelancers - If you want your website to rank Locally and Globally on Top Search Engines then you need to hire squarespace SEO Expert, contact us today. 9 It's a Web Based Website Builder so you can't do Backend Customization, Code Injection, CDN or Cloudflare Integrations, HTML and Javascript Minimization for Speed Optimization same like Weebly and Wix Website Builder. Conclusion - So if you want modern looking website or ecommerce store with basic features and modern looking UI then squarespace will be the best website builder for you but of course with heavy pocket expense also ready to compromise with features, third party integrations and SEO Setup.

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    • Hire Wix SEO Services, Wix PRO | Wix SEO Company

      CLIENTS SERVICES ABOUT US WORK Client's Testimonials Blog CONTACT Subscribe Hire WIX Expert THAT DELIVERS RESULTS BUILDING YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE WITH WIX & WEEBLY Web Design and Digital Marketing Services KNOW MORE Trusted by Many Companies All over World WEB DESIGN SERVICES ​ WIX WEBSITE DESIGN ​ WIX MOBILE OPTIMIZATION ​ ​ WEEBLY WEBSITE DESIGN WEBSITE SPEED OPTIMIZATION WORDPRESS TO WIX WORDPRESS TO WEEBLY E-COMMERCE WEBSITE DESIGN BLOG WEBSITE DESIGN LANDING PAGE DESIGN ​ ​ KNOW MORE DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES SEO SERVICES LOCAL SEO SERVICES TECHNICAL SEO SERVICES LINK BUILDING SERVICES E-COMMERCE SEO SERVICES MULTILINGUAL SEO SERVICES ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT GOOGLE PENALTY RECOVERY SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING GOOGLE PPC SERVICES YOUTUBE SEO SERVICES KNOW MORE About Us Top-Rated Freelancer for Wix Website Design, Wix SEO, Wix Mobile Responsive. I have worked on more than 100+ Websites to date which includes Informative, Blog, E-commerce, Landing Page creation. If you are seeking a Real Wix Expert Who Knows How Wix Website builder and SEO Works in real life and how that makes your life easier. If you go through my , You will see I have worked more than 2600+ Hours, 120+ Projects, and Offering 100% Customer Satisfaction Ratio. Upwork Profile Find Me on Freelancer Portal Check out Feedbacks Portfolio Visit my Portfolio of Wix Web Design, Weebly Website Design, Form Creation, Website Mobile Responsive Making, Website Speed Optimization. WIX WORKS> WEEBLY WORKS> SEO WORKS> Visit More Blog GET IN TOUCH Send Yudha Global : Mon - Sun 11:00 AM to 11.30 PM Opening Hours : Email : +91 7623849712 M.No Be Social and Follow Us: Never Miss an Update!

    • Hire Wix Web Designer for Wix Website Design | Wix website Design Company

      Top of Page Wix Creator Services Wix Website Portfolio Wix Website Case Study Wix FAQ Client's Testimonials Wix Blog Contact me for Wix Website Project Wix Website Design Services Rated as Top Rated Wix Expert & Wix Freelancer We have served over 120+ amazing clients all over the world on . , & Upwork Fiverr Guru let us help you. Get a Quote for your New Wix Web Design Project. Get Started Today! Our Wix Web design Services Informative Wix Website Design If you just want to promote your Company or Services Specific Business Like Cleaning, Law Firm, Yoga, Moving Company Sites. Wix has over 100+ Free Templates that we can use and Design your Wix Site. Ecommerce Wix Website Design Wix Offers great Simple Ecommerce Wix Website Option and has Pre Designed Wix Templates. Wix offers Paypal, Stripe Payment Integration Optio, and User-Friendly Ecommerce Features. Blog Wix Website Design Wix offers great AMP Based and Schema Markup Validated Blog Wix Website. If you want to Publish Ongoing Blog with Email Subscribe Option with great fast loading Wix Web Design. Landing Page Wix Website Design If you want to Collect an Email Database, Want to Run PPC and Google Ads Campaign then you can use Wix Landing Page Templates and can edit it quickly. Wix Mobile Optimization If you have any Existing Wix Site and you wanted to make it Mobile, Tablet, Laptop Responsive Version then today and Make sure your Website is Enabled for Mobile First Indexing for SEO Purpose. Contact us Wix Speed Optimization If your site is not loading faster in Mobile, Tablet and Facing Slow Loading Issue then , We can Optimize your Wix Web Design and Wix Website to Load Faster in all Devices. Contact us Wix SEO Wix Offers a Great SEO Functionality as Wix SEO Wiz and I have Over 6+ Years of Digital Marketing and Wix SEO Experience, If you want to Increase Traffic, Leads, Calls for your Business, For Consultation. Get in Touch Wix SEO Wordpress to Wix If you are Non-Technical Client and Don't Know Coding then don't worry I can copy your Wordpress based site into Wix CMS and can optimize your SEO Settings in Wix Website Builder. for Wordpress to Wix Conversion Project. Get in Touch Wix Website Design Industries We Served IT Hardware & Software Business Wellness Company Beauty Parlor & Salon Legal, Attorney Company Real Estate Agency Tours & Travel Agency Hotel Visa Consulting Moving Company Hospital & Medical Services Fitness & Gym Photography & Videography Company Events & Comedian Company Yoga, Meditation & Healing Company Cleaning Company School E-Learning Service Provider E-commerce ​ Wix Design Portfolio Portfolio Wix Web Designer More Case Studies Get Your New Today! Wix Website Design Requirement Share your Website Requirements in Document or Contact me via Email or chat. Discussion Let's discuss more details about your website, goal, vision and Functionality. Delivery Based on discussion, i will start working on it and finish it with SEO, Mobile, Easy to navigate, Modern UI based site. SEO After completion of Website design, I will start working on White hat Wix SEO to get your site 1st Page Ranking. Wix Website Design Case Studies Netherlands Based Visa Consulting Firm Wanted to have Modern Looking Wix Website Design and On Page SEO Setup With Google Analytics, Google ads, Google Tag Manager Setup , Done Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Planner. Site: Check Case Study The client was not getting a single Service Ranking on and my task was to boost their ranking and traffic by getting them on 1st Place for Long Term. ​ Site: Check Case Study Dunstable located Fitness Studio came to me and challenge me to make their website on First Page and I accepted the challenge and Achieved 1st-page Ranking and Local Ranking on top 3 places in Google Map. The client's website is on 1st page Since 2017. ​ Site: Check Case Study The client was seeking high Traffic and Quote inquiry for her Custom interior designer Services and I achieved 1st Page Ranking with White hat SEO. Client's website is ranking on 1st Page Since 2017. Site: Check case study Our Wix Blog GET IN TOUCH I can't wait to hear from you Get in Touch Today For Best Wix Website Design Today! Send

    • Best SEO Company Netherlands, SEO Services Netherlands, SEO Consultant

      SEO Services Netherlands Are you looking for Best SEO Services in the Netherlands and wanted to Get Best Local SEO Service Provider to Get Top Ranking in Google Business Page, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Trust Pilot, and Trip Advisor many other Review getting Sites. I definitely Look forward to clients Who are seeking Higher Traffic, Growth, Social Media Visits, Sales Inquiries, E-commerce Sales. ​ I have worked in different Netherlands based client's SEO like Local SEO, E-commerce SEO, Blog SEO, Informative Site SEO. I have 100% Confident if you want Local SEO Netherlands Cities and Wanted to Get More Local Inquiries and Organic Traffic from the Netherlands and Near Cities. Check out my Past SEO Client's Case Studies based in the Netherlands and Different Industries Like Visa Consulting Business SEO. ​ When you are looking for Netherlands Best SEO Expert and confused, what you should know before hiring them, Then check out my 11 Points of SEO Checklist. ​ 1) Local SEO Rankings 2) Get Map Listing from Different Local Directory Sites and Services 3) Correct Keywords and Keyword Density 4) Correct On-Page SEO Setup With Correct Keyword Focused Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords 5) SEO Friendly Site Links 6) Call to action Setup 7) Easy to Navigate UI/UX 8) Mobile Optimization 9) Correct Schema Markup Setup 10) Correct Off-Page Setup 11) Correct Backlinks Strategy based on Nature of Business Industry SEO Case Studies of the Netherlands Startup Visa Consulting Firm Wix SEO Read More > Dutch Investor Visa Consulting Firm Wix SEO Read More > INCO Business Group Wix SEO Read More > Are you the Next? :) Contact Us >

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