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How important are optimized images for SEO on Google?

Well, if you are really wanted to know then you should first understand, why images are places in Website.

1) If you have open anytime a google search console then you will see an option search by - Web, Image, video, So You can understand If they give an option to See traffic by Image then It’s definitely useful to get traffic from.

2) If you search any query, do you search by images too? If yes, you get an idea, why it’s useful?

3) If you notice in the crawl, Images are also getting Crawled by Google-images so images are definitely useful. Also help to get Number of Requests, Header Expiry Tags, Sitemap, Robots.txt

Google Crawl Test in Robots.Txt
Google Crawl Test in Robots.Txt

4) If the Images are compressed and fast loading, It’s helpful to load the website faster too.

5) Images Include, Logo, Infographic, Pics of Events, Work Samples, Portfolio, Place and many more and Alt Image and Google Snippet is also used to get SEO higher so that’s why optimised images with all Alt tags, Proper Citation helps visitor’s to understand what’s this all about and your capability and brand identity.

6) A logo is used in Schema markup code as well as in E-commerce Websites, For Schema Markup code, Product Images are also getting crawled so that’s optimised images makes sense here.

Also if you have heard, What you see is you believe more so that’s why using optimised images in proper strategy helps you to get more leads and Business.

I am sure these reasons are enough to give you an idea, why Images and Image Optimisation is helpful for White hat SEO, Get your White Hat Wix SEO Expert, White Hat Weebly SEO Expert Today. Also if you are seeking to Make your Wix , Weebly, Wordpress, PHP or Custom Made Site's Loading slow, Get in touch to get it fixed and Make them loading under 2 sec. (*Possible)

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