Frequently Asked Questions


Which is better Wix or Wordpress?

To be honest, both are best, but that depends on your website requirements totally.
Both Wix and WordPress are powerful CMS and have an easy to manage CMS.

Why should one go with Wix?

It' simple, if you have a limited budget, No Technical skills and don't have time to take follow up for website developers then Wix is a good choice to manage your site and online presence within few clicks only. It's very easy to learn and manage your website contents and UI, you can definitely install Wix apps for custom functionality.

Do you charge Fixed or Hourly?

I am flexible and work both ways Fixed and Hourly.

Do you do Wix Design only?

No, I can do Wix SEO, Weebly Website design, Weebly SEO and SEO related projects. Also, I have a team of people who can help you in Graphics Design, Website PSD Design, PSD2HTMl, PHP Projects, Java, React.Js, Node.Js, Custom Software Development Tasks.

Do you have team or do you work alone?

Yes, I do have Team of Different Professional & Expertise skills-based like,
1 Graphics Design
2 Website and Mobile App UI Design
3 Wordpress Development
4 PHP Development
5 Android App Development
6 IOS App Development
7 IoT Development
8 AR/VR App Development
9 Wearable Device App Development
10 SEO and Social Media Paid Campaign
11 Google PPC
12 Software Development

But if you have any specific requirements I can hire team members.

Website Design

What's Min. Budget for One Page Site?

For 5 Sections simple website it cost you $50.

Do you include On Page SEO cost in Quote?

No, I ask client weather they want me to help them to setup On Page SEO Strategy based site or they just concern about website design and functionality only. As per client's requirements i am happy to provide quote.


What are the requirements do we need to share for SEO?

Just share your website link and Target Country and 5 Competitors links, Rest i will take care for you.

How do you provide costing for SEO?

It depends on Number of Keywords, Keywords competition, Target Country, Current site's SEO Report and health. So i suggest please provide all details.

How much time will it take for 1st page Ranking?

To be honest it can take up to Min 4 months.