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Wix SEO Services

Get SEO For Wix Site by Top Rated Wix SEO Expert

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Types of Wix SEO We can Help

How to decide which SEO Services for Wix you should choose?

Local Wix SEO

When your goal is to get just 1 City or Local Client lands to your store, or company, or want to expand your local business to just 1 City then Local SEO benefits more and is suitable to earn local visibility on search engines and Store foot counts.

Blog Wix SEO

If your blog needs White hat SEO optimization and boosts on the Page, the AMP version loads faster on Mobile view. Set Tag, Keywords, H1 Tag, and Schema Markup Setup to secure Position 0 in Google, Contact me today.

Global Wix SEO

When you want to get leads from all over the world and want to secure a 1st Page Position globally then you have to go with a Global SEO Strategy with a Multi-Language,  Multi-Domain, Multi City-based SEO Strategy.

E-commerce SEO

Well, SEO is a Strategy to get more customers and for an E-commerce Wix SEO, we have to follow ecommerce based Wix SEO Strategy to win trust, increase engagement, and make your site a fast-loading, Responsive, and Smooth Ecommerce experience.

Multi-Language SEO

If your website is Multi-language and your target country is more than 1 country with different languages then it's a slightly different Wix SEO Wiz Procedure we have to follow to make your Multi-language SEO site get leads and traffic from a different language-based SEO Setup.

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My Latest Wix SEO Works, Past Client's Ranking Proofs

Wix SEO Services Case Studies

Outdoors Meeting

We have boosted clients' Newly built Wix and WordPress websites within 9 Months of SEO.

Organic Traffic - 250% Increase 

Leads - Over 50+Months

Unique Visitors - 50k+

Organic Traffic Visitors - 25k+ 

Keywords Ranking - 500+

USA based Imaging Center Local SEO | Yudha Global

The client provides Medical Services, and Imaging centers that like to increase inquiries, bookings, appointments, and Local Foot Steps to their center, We did SEO for 1 Year.

Organic Traffic - 120% Increased

Leads - Over 30+Months

Unique Visitors - 2500+

Organic Traffic Visitors - 2600+ 

Keywords Ranking - 80+

GMB Calls - 60+ Per Month

Amusement Arcade Game

Having a Huge Game Zone or Entertainment Center in Baytown, the Client wanted to increase footsteps, Bookings for Game Zone Center with Local SEO.

Organic Traffic - 300% Increased

Leads - Over 100+Months

Unique Visitors - 3500+

Organic Traffic Visitors - 4000+ 

Keywords Ranking - 700+

GMB Calls - 100+ Per Month

Patient and Dentist

This client wants their Dental Clinic's Website to position in the Top 10 for specific Dental Treatments, We did 3 Months of SEO for the Wix Site.

Organic Traffic - 200% Increased

Leads - Over 50+Months

Unique Visitors - 2500+

Organic Traffic Visitors - 1000+ 

Keywords Ranking - 400+

GMB Calls - 70+ Per Month

Psychologist's Office

Fresh Made Wix Site, Needs an SEO Strategy Formation, Execution, Increase in Local SEO Bookings from Calgary.

Organic Traffic - 150% Increased

Leads - Over 40+Months

Unique Visitors - 5k+

Organic Traffic Visitors - 10k+ 

Keywords Ranking - 500+

GMB Calls - 30+ Per Month

Reviewing Legal Agreement

Attorney & Law Firm SEO is the highest competitive market like insurance but with White Hat SEO Methods, Unique Content, You can outrank your competitors.

Organic Traffic - 80% Increased

Leads - Over 10+Months

Unique Visitors - 500+

Organic Traffic Visitors - 600+ 

Keywords Ranking - 40+

GMB Calls - 10+ Per Month

Movers Carrying Packages

Moving Company is another highly competitive market and you can get local SEO with White Hat SEO services, We did SEO for 3 Months and Check out Results.

Organic Traffic - 170% Increased

Leads - Over 50+Months

Unique Visitors - 2500+

Organic Traffic Visitors - 800+ 

Keywords Ranking - 40+

GMB Calls - 45+ Per Month

Yoga Studio

The client wanted to Rank on 1st page for Pilates, and Yoga Classes in Bedford, UK. We did Wix Local SEO Service, Improvize Layout, updated On Page SEO, and Technical SEO, and Built Local Citation Backlinks. 

Organic Traffic - 115% Increased

Leads - Over 25+Months

Unique Visitors - 1000+

Organic Traffic Visitors - 600+ 

Keywords Ranking - 100+

GMB Calls - 65+ Per Month

Our Process of SEO For Wix Site

Client's Case Studies


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