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Nowadays Everybody Needs Online Presence With a Website Social Media channels or Maps So People can reach you easily via Phone no, Email, Website, Or Direction itself. This is the 21st Century, Everything is going to be Digital. Imagine, Now you can search everything via mobile just Turn on your Camera and ask google, what it is, or Where I get this, and that will give you exact sources, details, and client feedback, Isn't it great?

So How do you get an online presence, Well, For that Only you need to consult with an Expert SEO Agency, Who Understands Google Latest Search Engine Optimization Algorithms, Updates, and How Your Website Can be Reached by Million of Users.


So there are a couple of Types of SEO Services available In Market Like,

1) White Hat SEO Services

2) Black Hat SEO Services

3) Grey Hat SEO Services

Well, To be honest, you should go with only Option 1 - White Hat SEO Services because that will be the Highest ROI and Gives you Long Term Business Generation Opportunity.

Types of SEO
Best SEO Company & SEO Services | Yudha Global

Best SEO Company & SEO Services

Rated as Best SEO Agency and Over 10+ Years of SEO Firm

We have served over 200+ amazing clients, let us help you. Get a comprehensive competitive analysis and learn about our SEO services.

Types of SEO Services

Local SEO Services | Yudha Global

If you are seeking to get 1st Rank on Google Maps, City or Specific Area wise 1st Page Ranking Local SEO.

Global SEO Services | Yudha Global
SEO Services

If you are seeking to get a global 1st Page Ranking over the country-wise SEO  For E.g USA, UK, UAE Country 1st Page Ranking.

Ecommerce SEO Services | Yudha Global
SEO Services

If your store is not getting sales, Leads, Traffic from Social media, or Search Engine then consults me for E-commerce SEO.

Blog SEO Services | Yudha Global
SEO Services

If your blog needs White hat SEO optimization and boosts on the Page, the AMP version loads faster on Mobile view. Set Tag, Keywords, H1 Tag.

Multi Language SEO Services | Yudha Global
SEO Services

If your website is Multi-language and wants more traffic from different countries and Local Language-wise Keywords, Search phrases, Hire me today.

Youtube SEO Servies | Yudha Global
SEO Services

If you are Owing a Youtube Channel and are Not Sure how to plan your content, and topics, reach your target audience, Increase Followers, Engagement with the Public do consult Youtube SEO. 

Amazon SEO Services | Yudha Global
Amazon SEO 

If you are an Affiliate or Amazon Merchant Seller or Entrepreneur who is selling his/her 1st ever Newly Launched product and like to get more sales and increase CTR, Contact your Amazon Store Link.

Google Penalty  

If you Notice all Sudden Traffic Drop or Leads Lost or Ranking Lost on Search Engines then you must be Penalized by Google for Bad Backlinking, Keyword Spoofing, Balck Hat SEO, or Grey Hat SEO Methods. If you want to make it a White Hat SEO Method do Consult Google Penalty Recovery.

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Online Reputation Management

If you don't know how to make returning customers, increase your Ranking on Local Map, Increase customer engagement and increase the number of Loyal  Customer Strategies, Contact now.

SEO Process

Our SEO Process

Internal Link

your Website Structure should be easily Navigate, Should be redirected to Right Pages, and users Should Reach other Pages Easily, We Make Sure your Internal Linking is done Professionally.

External High Domain Authority Link Building

Whether it's Local SEO,  Global SEO, Multi-Country SEO, Multi-Language SEO, or High Domain Authority based Link Building is Important as that increases your Point of Contact for Visitors and They can be easily Reach your services through multiple Sources.

SEO Activities

In SEO it's a Long Term Process and Needs to Take care of Every Activities, Result, Fixing Spam Backlinks, Broken Links, Low Domain Authority Backlinks, Posting Good Content in Infographics, PDFs, Slides,  Also Constant Posting on Google Business Page, Social Media Pages is also important.


We provide Ongoing Monthly Reporting to our all SEO Clients to give them an idea about Keyword Rank Position and Website Traffic Performance.


We Make sure We use only High / Medium/ Low Amounts of Right keywords Which Results Into Open-Ended Keywords Ranking, Long Tail Keywords Rankings, and Constant High Traffic Generating Keywords too.


Once Right Keywords Research is done, the Next Step is to Assign the Right Keywords to the Right Pages with a Perfect amount of Contents, Pages, Easy to Navigate Menu Structure.

On-Site SEO
Code Optimization

We Make sure We use only High / Medium/ Low Amounts of the Right keywords Which Results Into Open-Ended Keywords Ranking, Long Tail Keywords Rankings, and Constant High Traffic Generating Keywords too.

On-Site Content Optimization

If you know which are the Right Keywords, Then your content should have enough Keywords Placed, Alter Image Tags, Blog Tags, Images, Videos, Categories Placed, Anchored Texts, Linked inner or External, and Social Media Page Linkup is done. Also Writing Correct Limit Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Keywords.

Country Wise SEO Case Studies

Country wise SEO Services Case Studies 

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SEO Blogs
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