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Google Penalty: How to Avoid in 2022?

Google Penalty: How to Avoid in 2022?
Google Penalty: How to Avoid in 2022?

Well, You guys must have seen lots of LinkedIn Posts, Youtube Videos, Blog articles in your Email Box, and Social Media Feeds talking about Google Penalty and Recent Google Updates. This topic is helping you to understand as a New Business Owner, Website Designer, How you can be far from Google Penalty. I always want to make simple contents that can be understood by nontechnical persons too.

Table of Contents :

On-Page Tactics -

1) Avoid Plagiarized Contents

I have seen many clients' website which comes for SEO Audit and they directly take the content and Copy Paste on their own website without a single Character Updates. Well, Google Love Unique, Fresh, Informative Content. Don't ever Copy and Paste any website Text, Image, or Videos Contents from competitors.

2) Don't do Keyword Spoofing

Literally, some clients are smart and they have access to SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Directly Search Keywords and Put that in Website Contents over 50+ Times. Well, Google can easily understand you are doing Keyword Spoofing here.

Some of our Clients do Keyword spoofing by keeping them in White backgrounds. Text Colors and Make it Hidden. Don't do it.

3) Don't make 301 a Puzzle

Some clients Make 301 Redirect a Puzzle game for their visitors and make it that long that the user left the site early. Keep it simple and Always Redirect to the Important Relevant Topic Page.

4) Don't Use Cheap Content Writing AI Software

Google August 22 Core Update highlighted part as "Writing contents for Human by Human" So they are clearly against the AI Content Writing Software tools that just fetch the contents from RSS Feeds of other sites and Rewrite the same sentence multiple times with different phrases. Google Works on Machine Language and they can understand how often the exit page ratio of a site is and understand whether the content is valuable or not.

So Hire some Professional Content Writing Services at some Extra Cost, If you are looking for Long Term benefits.

5) Don't Overuse Keywords Per Page

I have seen multiple client website SEO setups done by inexperienced SEO Freelancers and they literally don't know how to use SEO Keywords that can help them rank better.

Keep in that Mind, Always Target 4 - 5 Main Target Keywords Per Page.

6) Always Keep Canonical URL Short & Simple with Possibly a Keyword

Do you feel it's right to have links like this on your website?

Always Make the page URL Short, Simple and Try to Use Main Keyword in the URL with Target Location.

7) Don't Follow Competotiors Blindly

People who don't have knowledge of SEO and Just Copy their Competitor's Strategy directly without understanding their Strengths, Weakness, or Their SEO plans. You should always Hire an Experienced SEO Consultant who can give you a Detailed Competitor SEO Audit.

8) Provide Contents that a Human can read and Understand

Some of the clients just write content or Take Content from other sites and rewrite them for sake of plagiarism and just paste it on their website, which doesn't mean anything when you read it. Always make your website contents Clean, Easy to Read, and Bullet Points, proper Images, Videos, and Call to Action Buttons.

9) Always Make your Sitemap Clean

As mentioned in my above Point, your website navigation experience is an important part too, Don't make Sitemap so complex that visitors can't reach their required page or services you offer.

Always Consult SEO Expert for SEO Strategy Formation.

10) Don't make multiple pages for the same contents

Don't do content duplication or URL Canonical errors, that can lead you serious google penalties as well, Always Make a good Plan of Sitemap, and Distribute Main Topics with main High Search Volume Keywords and Subtopics with Low Competiton Keywords.

11) Don't Copy Page Title, Meta description, or Meta Keywords Tags same on all Pages

Some clients just copy and paste Meta descriptions, keywords, and Page titles to all pages of their website, that's the wrong strategy. Always Hire SEO experts to do that if you don't have any SEO-related Knowledge.

12) Always use H1 - H2 Tags as your Main Keywords for different Pages

Your H1 and H2 Tags are important and each page should have different H1, and H2 Tags with High Volume Keywords so that can easily be crawled by Google Bots.

13) Always Check the Page Depth of your Website

Page depth is important which helps google understand, how many page links have been given to different pages and Check whether they are useful or not. but as said don't overdo it.

14) Don't overdo Page Interlinkings

Anchor Tags are important and it helps Wikipedia to get a very High DA Site you can even make your Page Interlinkings help in SEO, but don't overdo it without any proper planning, that can lead high bounce ratio and higher Exit Page Ratio for your website.

15) Contact Page Should always be reached from Any Page of the Site

The Important page of your website should be the Contact Page, which should be reached easily from any page of your site, it can be reached easily via the Main menu, Body, Footer, Call to action buttons, and Popup.

Off Page Tactics -

1) Don't Buy Cheap Backlinks from Fiverr

This is a Main Important point if you don't want to get penalized. Don't buy Cheap SEO Backlinks Services Starting from $5. This will give you a long-term penalty and Rank Drop. Always Hire an Experienced Link Building Service Provider.

2) Don't do PBN

Never ever buy PBN Guest Blog Gigs from Fiverr, This can give you Long Term Google penalty.

3) Don't Make Your Google Business Page Name a Keyword, It should be always your Brand Name with Speciality

I have seen people keep Keywords as their google business names and then get banned from Google. Don't use Google Business page as Website SEO, It works differently.

4) Don't Make Backlinks from Spammy Website

Don't Make .edu or .gov spam backlinks, Cheap Blog Comments, or Forum Commenting. Rather make good backlinks on Local Directory or Guest Posting.

5) Always Block Spam Sites

You will see lots of Private Blogs or Blogspot-based domains get no follow backlinks from your site without your knowledge. Most of them are Spammy, and Adult Backlinks which you should block using Search Console Disallow Tool.

6) Keep your Robots.txt updated

Block Spammy Backlinks, Archive Pages, Tags, Category Pages in Robots.Txt

Technical SEO Tactics -

1) Always Make your Website Design Clean & Easy to Navigate

Your Website should be easy to read, Navigate, Viewable on all devices, and Proper

Call to action and Without any Broken Links.

2) Check your Mobile Responsive Version Before Release

In the USA 90% of the Traffic on websites comes from Mobile Devices, So you can understand how important your mobile version of the site is, Always check overlapping issues, easy to click, Fast Loading, Easy to Navigate pages before launch.

3) Website Speed Optimization

Always check your website loading speed on Gtmetrix or Google Page Speed test and Check out errors, which needs to be fixed on-site and Get that done for better Loading Speed.

Check mobile Loading speed because that loads sometimes on Mobile Data as well so it should load quickly on mobile data and Wifi.

If you want a Blog on Website Speed Optimization, Please subscribe to our Newsletter.

4) Always Check your Schema Markup Code

Schema Markup code is tricky and needs to be done with proper care. because WordPress plugins offer schema markup codes by default, but you have to use the right schema codes per page type.

Conclusion :

If you like this blog article and want to get more inside tips and Tricks of SEO, Wix Website Design, or WordPress Web design. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

About Me -

I have over 9+ Years of SEO and Web Design Experience and I am a Top Rated Plus Freelancer on Upwork.

I do provide different services like,

1 Web Design

2 SEO Services

3 Social Media Marketing

4 Google PPC Marketing

5 Social Media Paid ad campaigns

6 Graphics Design

7 Content Writing and Content Marketing

8 Search Engine Marketing

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