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How to improve Wix SEO in 2020?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Every Startup company or business, Entrepreneurs need SEO Services for their online presence and to get more traffic, Leads, and Sales. As in 2020 just Creating a Good UI based Website Design won't give your the Global Presence. The people who think, I have spent $1000 for my Website design but I am not getting any organic traffic or leads to my website.

Well, to improve your online presence you need to prepare data like,

1) What type of services do you like to offer?

2) Who is your target audience?

3) Who is your target country?

4) How they can search for your services on Search engines?

5) Which language do you like to focus on and generate leads from?

6) Who are your top 5 competitors?

Once you have these details ready then you can move to the next step.

1) Competitor Analysis - When you know that one of your top competitors is already ranking on 1st page of Google, then you should check their website and check their page structure, keywords, and their blog articles, their site Structure, Types of Content they have written, what sort of data they show you on website pages. This will save 50% of the time and understand what not to do. Things to consider while doing Competitors analysis,

1) Check their Domain Name

2) Check their home Page

3) Check their Menu and Submenu

4) Check their types of content they used

5) Check their header and Footer

6) Check their social media links

7) Check their contact Page and Form Fields

8) Check their content strategy on each service page

9) Check mediums they used for publishing their contents

10) Check their Blog articles and number of posts per month

11) Check their Service Page names and Keywords they are focusing

12) Check their website loading speed

13) Check their online reputation management stats (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot reviews)

2) Keyword research - After successful competitors analysis is done and you gather enough information then you can check out by SEO Tools (Spyfu, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, SEMScoop, Serpstat and much more other available in the market), which gives you an idea what type of keywords your competitors are using and for which page they are using those keywords so you get content ideas as well.

Make sure you choose mixed keywords which are High Traffic generating (High Volume) as well as High/Medium/Low Competiton based. so you can cover more traffic and proper keyword-based rankings. If you need Keyword research help just contact us.

Also, you need to search for Questions and Long Tail Keywords and related keywords that people also looking for, which is a great source of Traffic generation and get leads.

Check out an example for Cleaning Service Business Keyword Research from SEMRush,

Cleaning Services Keywords

3) Decide Page Structure - After you understand Keywords, Competitors strategy how to distribute keywords on page-wise, you can start planning your Site Structure. Basically it's Website Page names and Page Structure. Make sure you define a multi-level page structure so you can get more Page Interlinking benefits. While creating Page Structure you need to make sure you cover main high traffic generating keywords as Page names so you can generate more traffic and in Sub Menu you can use specialized Service based Keywords,

=> For e.g SEO Services (has to be Main Keyword and main Page) While Local SEO Services (Is a Specialized Keyword or type of Service)

Make sure your main service pages have to be visible from Header, Footer, and Even in each of the Service pages so visitors can check all your services easily.

How to Set Page Structure that Generates more Traffic

4) Content Preparation - After you know the right keywords and your competitor's content strategy too, so now you can get started for content writing, You can hire contents writers from third party websites or Freelancing portal too. Now you need to invest more money and time for Content preparation because,

"Unique Content is King"

You have to understand that every page should have more than 1000 Words Contents and Unique contents so it can increase Page Quality, Backlink Chances, Page Interlinking Chances, Easy Navigation Experience from one page to another.

Also, Google Loves Fresh and Unique contents when they prioritize the website listing on their search listings. You can consult with SEO Experts for this. After the above steps are done, you can Hire a Wix Expert like me which can do On-Page SEO Setup by following steps.

5) Set up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console - If you want to track your website performance, top pages, traffic source, session duration, Page Flows, User activity you need to connect your Google Analytics account to check those stats.

For Making your website crawled by SEO Bots then you need to set up google search Console account with your Wix site.

6) Connect your social media accounts with Wix Site to sync data between Site and Social Media accounts, You can even use third-party apps or Wix Apps to fetch feeds from your Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram Page.

Other Activities that Wix SEO Expert can help you in are,

1) Placing Right Meta Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Link in your SEO Option.

2) Placing Structured Data script code of Local business, Services, FAQ, About Us, Person's Schema markup code so google can easily read your website.

3) Placing Meta Keywords Tags up to 300 Characters as per Wix Updates in 2020.

4) Enable Caching Settings to Make your website fast loading. and Website Speed Optimization

5) Check On-Page SEO by checking Broken Links, H1 - H6 Tags, Contents based on keywords, Page Interlinking Strategy.

6) You can use Wix SEO Wiz to setup SEO or you can use third-party apps Like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Semrush, Spyfu, SEMScoop, Moz, and many more.

7) Setup 301 Redirection for your website so people don't see any 404 Pages while surfing the website.

8) Place third party Application code into your website so users can check out your Facebook, Yelp, Google, Trust pilot, Tripadvisor, booking, and many other website Reviews at the same time.

9) Check your website Design, User Friendliness, Mobile responsive, tablet view, if any issues fix them.

10) Do Proper Page Interlinking so visitors stay a long time on the website and increase page views and session duration.

11) Fix your website contents and suggest the right content strategy which can increase traffic.

12) Setup Google Analytics, Search Console

13) Give you ongoing SEO suggestions for content promotion, blog posting, social media posting

14) Keep eye on Spam backlinks and remove them

15) Maintaining 301 redirects and Fix 404 Error page issues from the website.

16) Keep updating Keywords as required ongoing basis

17) Creating High DA based backlinks, Content Promotion, Blog Promotion, and many other Off-Page SEO Activities.

If you need a White Hat SEO Expert which can increase your website Ranking Position and Traffic Let's get in touch!

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