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How to Make Videos for Your Website and Marketing Campaigns?

Digital Marketing is what every company aspires to use to their maximum advantage. Content is the fuel that is required to drive digital marketing campaigns. Videos are popular with youngsters, especially as they like to watch rather than read text.

How to Make Videos for Your Website and Marketing Campaigns? | Vido SEO | Yudha Global
How to Make Videos for Your Website and Marketing Campaigns?

Videos can be uploaded to a company's website to introduce new products or market products which have already been launched. They can also be used on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

However, making videos that are creative and engaging requires some skills. A video created haphazardly or not providing any value to the audience will not be successful.

So, let's have a look at how one can create amazing videos for websites and marketing campaigns.

Table of Contents

Step-by-Step Process of Creating Videos for Marketing Campaigns

Tools for Creating Amazing Marketing Videos

Advantages of Video Marketing


Step-by-Step Process of Creating Videos for Marketing Campaigns

Before you begin with the actual video production process, some homework needs to be done. We will go through a step-by-step process of creating and analyzing videos.

Step-by-Step Process of Creating Videos for Marketing Campaigns

Step 1: Define Your Marketing Goals

Step 2: Decide on Your Marketing Channels

Step 3: Choose Your Tools

Step 4: Decide Your Budget

Step 5: Weave a Story

​Step 6: Analyze Video Performance

Step 1: Define Your Marketing Goals

Before you go ahead with creation, you need to clearly define your marketing goals.

What do you want to accomplish with your videos?

You want to increase your brand familiarity, launch new products or increase sales during a particular period.

For brand familiarity, you should keep in mind that you have only a few seconds or minutes to engage your audience's attention. You need to go straight to the point when you are trying to increase brand awareness.

For introducing new products, you have options like educational videos, webinars, and Live stream.

If your product is a bit complicated to use, you will have to go for educational videos to make your customers more confident about purchasing the product. Webinars are a great way to engage your audience in real-time. They can ask questions and get immediate answers.

The other option is live streaming on platforms such as Instagram. Followers who are using the app at the time of streaming receive a notification that you are broadcasting.

Step 2: Decide on Your Marketing Channels

Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc., host different types of videos. So, you need to choose the ones which are appropriate for your needs.

YouTube is preferred for educational videos and self-directed learning. If your target audience has shorter attention spans, then TikTok having 15-second videos will be ideal.

You can use Instagram Live Rooms feature for real-time interaction with your target audience. Facebook has an audience of all age groups and could be used for marketing products or services that are not restricted to a particular age group.

Step 3: Choose Your Tools

There are several options available for creating engaging videos. You should choose the tool depending on your needs. You may have to do a bit of trial & error initially.

Once you know which is the right tool for your marketing video, stick to it and create an enticing video.

Step 4: Decide Your Budget

Marketing on social media is comparatively cheaper than print or television, but still, you should know your budget. You may also have to purchase video editing tools and a camera for shooting the video.

You can choose one or more platforms depending on your requirement and budget.

Step 5: Weave a Story

People like listening to stories, and they can be used to engage them. Firstly, you come up with a story that can be used to promote or showcase your product. Second, you create a video to narrate the story.

You can even create a series wherein you continue with the story in several videos. This can be posted on your social media accounts periodically.

Step 6: Analyze Video Performance

You should constantly monitor the performance of your videos. There are several analytics tools that can help you with it.

Once you have analyzed the performance of your videos, make changes to improve your performance or create videos your target audience likes.

Tools for Creating Amazing Marketing Videos

Tools for Creating Amazing Marketing Videos

Software tools for creating videos are easily available and not very expensive. Let’s have a look at some of the popular ones.

This tool allows the creation of videos straight from your browser without downloading anything. You can add music that has no copyrights, text, filters, and a branded watermark. The speed of the video can be adjusted, and it can also be created using still images.

Whiteboard videos are creative videos that tell a story through drawing. VideoScribe helps in creating stunning whiteboard videos using drag-and-drop features. You can make engaging videos for your audience using professional graphics and several royalty-free music tracks.

This video maker is powered by AI for creating short explanation videos. It provides easy-to-use features for professional results. It suggests the perfect storyline for the message you want to convey, record your voiceover, preview & make changes, share your video, and create custom corporate videos with your brand identity.

This tool helps you create, share and edit videos easily without needing special skills. It has ad-free hosting, a customizable video player, a free stock library, and many other features.

It is a video editing tool that helps create instant videos with AI's help. Magisto has templates for different industries and purposes, including promotional videos, slideshows, Facebook video ads, and YouTube video ads.

The videos can range from fun videos to professional marketing campaigns.

This is a very popular photo & video editing app which helps in creating thumbnails. To entice the audience, an attractive thumbnail is required. Canva can help you in making attractive thumbnails for your videos.

Canva has a user-friendly interface, which means you don't need to be a graphic designer to create exceptional images and designs with this tool.

Advantages of Video Marketing

  • Can increase traffic to your website

  • Helps in generating leads

  • Increases average time visitors spend on the website

  • Can directly help in increasing sales

Videos are easy to share, making them ideal for engaging followers and attracting new customers. People like sharing engaging videos with friends, family, and colleagues.

However, it is considered best to keep the videos short, around the 1-2 minute mark. Keep the most important content early on in the video.

Long videos can be used if you want a tutorial on using a particular product or providing information about a service.

The visual and audio content of the video makes it appropriate for product demonstrations or going in-depth about a particular service.

Most of the audience on the internet do not like to read a lot of text and prefer watching short videos. Many companies use a combination of text and videos to engage the audience.

You need to come up with new ideas to create videos on a regular basis. Coming up with a short video to accompany a long blog post is a good strategy to attract your target audience.

Otherwise, people will be fed up with similar videos and stop viewing them.

On a Closing Note…

Videos for marketing purposes on social media will always be in vogue; only the tools and concepts will change over time. With smartphones having very good cameras, there is no need to purchase expensive cameras until and unless you want to create a masterpiece.

Digital Marketing is the present and future of all marketing activities. The Return on Investment(ROI) provided by digital marketing is unmatched as of now. With the shortening attention spans of people, short videos will be the best tool for marketing online.

For your Digital Marketing needs, get in touch with us at Yudha Global. We are a specialized digital marketing agency that can help you with your business goals.

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