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How to rank the Informative business website on Google?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

How to rank the informative business website on Google?
How to Rank your informative website on Google?

I am sure in your life being an Entrepreneur or Business owner and you have a website which you invested $1000+ but still not getting enough traffic or Leads which you expected. Also when you search for your business name or your service names or product names, still your website doesn't popups on the 1st Page of Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

As a Business Owner, you expect after completing $1000 website you will get lots of Inquires and Leads on your website, but basically main marketing effort starts from Scratch Idea only, When you design any Website, you should first consult with an SEO Company which provide a guide about the right strategy, content creation idea, Right Keywords, SEO Friendly Page Structure.

You also need to provide them information about your,

1 Target Audience

2 Target Country

3 Top Competitors

4 Business Niche

Because when you provide them these details they can give you guidelines on how to build an SEO friendly website which can get started immediately after completion to get ROI, right?

After lots of frustration, lots of calls with an SEO agency, and discussing quotes by chance you make decisions of Hiring SEO Company ( I mean Cheap SEO Company :) this takes lots of time and money, right?

  1. How can you judge your SEO Agency is in the right direction or not?

  2. Are they giving their 100% effort or not?

  3. Are you really increasing your website traffic or not?

  4. Are you really see the difference in lead generation?

You need to understand when you build a website or Hire any SEO Company to increase your website rankings on Search Engines you need to provide below details to understand the history of the website and how did you build it with which strategy?

These questions I write here, you need to answer them by own or you can share this with your SEO Agency so they can give you more proper SEO Services and save your money and effort,

Generalize Question -

  • Have you hired any SEO Company before?

  • Have you done any Competitor analysis before making any website?

  • Have you really done Keyword Research for your Industry, competitors?

  • Have you build this website contents by own or have you taken it from another site?

  • Have you taken care while writing content that it's more than 1000 Words Contents each page?

  • How do you handle when you receive any Lead?

  • How do you market currently about your product/services?

  • Do you write fresh blogs or articles on the Website blog, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Quora portal?

On-Page SEO related questions -

  • Are these website's images are Free to use or Licensed?

  • Have you made sure that your content is 100% Unique?

  • Have your places Called to action on each page?

  • Have you placed Call to action for other Services page navigation in your every page?

  • Have you made sure your website header and Footer Consists of your main pages with a link or not?

  • Have you made sure you mentioned your company email, contact number, Opening Hours, Google Map link?

  • Have you placed your social media channel links or not?

  • Have you included a Blog section or not?

  • Do you have any FAQ page on the website?

  • Have you placed the right images and videos to explain your services?

  • Have you given the right Alt Image Tags for your website images?

Testing and technical related Questions -

  • Have you tested your contact form?

  • Have you tested your website Loading speed?

  • Have you placed CDN, Installed Right Plugins for Speed Optimization, Server Caching Settings?

  • Have you tested your website's Responsiveness in different devices?

  • Have you done proper 404-page creation or not?

  • Have you done proper 301 redirections?

  • Have you placed the google Search Console and Google Analytics code on your website?

  • Is your website SSL enabled?

  • Does your Phone Number setup with the correct format with Country code?

  • Does your website user experience is easy to understand or you make them confuse to the right page?

  • Have you set up any Chat agent where they can contact you and get consultation quickly?

  • How soon your communication team responds back to Leads?

  • Have you placed any Welcome Bar or Quick Update bar where they can know about your current working schedules or redirect them to a specific page?

  • Have you placed a minimum Third Party API on the website or not?

Competitors Analysis -

  • Have you done a competitor's analysis for SEO?

  • Have you checked your competitor's websites?

  • Have you checked their blog page and frequency of post updation?

  • Have you checked their Social Media pages?

  • Have you checked their reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot, or another rating website? Do you ask your customers to leave reviews?

  • Have you done any automatic response setup for User Experience when they submit any forms?

If you still don't get any leads or Website Traffic do consult with Yudha Global, We offer Pure White Hat SEO Services at an affordable cost. Our SEO Pricing starts from $385 Per Month. We are also Top Rated Wix SEO Freelancer and Weebly SEO Freelancer Company on Upwork.

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