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Which one is better, WordPress or Wix?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Wix or Wordpress
Wix or Wordpress? Which one is better?

I have been Designing Wix Website For 10+ Years and My Portfolio covers over 300+ Websites which include Informative Websites, Ecommerce Websites, Blog Websites, and Landing Pages. But Every time I get a New Client they ask me, Which is Better Wordpress or Wix?

Some of the Clients really don't have an idea which Content Management System they should opt for. or Some don't have an Idea how website business works or What are the important factors that help you to decide the best content Management System.

1) What’s Your Business Type?

Ans - Basically, If you are looking to build a normal, Informative Website only with Less Customized Coding and User Interface Design then Wix is good to go, but if you are concerned with Modern Looking at UI, Custom Javascript, and Custom Functionality of PHP-based, High-End Specification, High-End Ecommerce Website or Custom Platform or Marketplace Development type of scope then WordPress is your choice.

2) What’s your Functionality part?

Ans - Do you want to build a custom Functionality or Marketplace or Large E commerce-based Website, or wanted to build a Custom Software or Flow-based Website, or if you want to make a Google Merchant-based E-commerce shop-based site then WordPress will suit your needs?

3) What kind of outcome are you expecting?

Ans - Are you looking to build a Pure Hollywood kind of animated Film like Website Animations and Loading Option, Or want to program your custom Events or Functionalities for your visitors?

Also What types of Functionalities or Security Levels, user Navigation, and Audience Types that also matter when choosing the Right Content Management System?

4) Are you a Programmer or Non-Technical Person?

Ans - If you are a Developer and have long-term goals and wanted to Start a unique Website Concept you should definitely go with WordPress CMS. but if you are a Non-tech person and not having technical coding or Designing Skills also dependent on Future updates on others or other skills and can't do a simple word change on your own then you must go with Wix Website builder if you are not in Big Business or Wanted Just Simple E-commerce, Blog Website then go with Wix Website builder.

5) Do you have High Budget and Time to Hire Developer and Purchase Themes, Plugins to get your site done with WordPress or You just wanted to have your business online presence with Information and a Normal E-commerce Website?

Ans - If you are an eCommerce Business or an Entrepreneur who like to build a custom Functionality and Flow-Based Portal / Marketplace / Website / Platform which can have more than 2 User Roles within the site and Wanted some sort of Custom Third-Party App Integrations

6) What type of payment gateway are you looking to offer, if you are building an eCommerce store?

Ans - In Wix Paypal, Stripe, and Payumoney (For India) are being accepted as Payment Gateway, but if you are looking for other payment gateway or custom payment Gateway integration then it can be possible with WordPress as WordPress is Open Source CMS while Wix is not Open Source CMS.

7) Do you want Custom Coding in Functionality Part or Simple Display of Information?

Ans - If you are seeking a Fiverr or Upwork type Website then you can get it done with Ready-made Wordpress Themes or Templates, Even you can Get PSD and Convert it to Wordpress Based Website and add custom PHP based Plugins or can write your own Custom PHP-based Plugins compatible with Wordpress CMS. Also User Flow, Menu Drop Down Option, Ecommerce Part, Custom Step Process of Form Submissions, Custom Search functionality, Dynamic Nature-based Listing or Search Queries from Database, Fast Loading Website, and Result in search functionalities or Custom Functionality which you can write your own and can integrate it within Wordpress CMS.

Wix nowadays is also working hard and Offering Wix Corvid to write your own Coding Part too but that's not that much Custom Level which Wordpress offers.

8) Do you want a Modern Look UI-based site, or are you OK with the simple layout of the site?

Ans - If you are a Pro Coder and Wanted to have custom Java scripts, HTML Editing, Server Optimization, Speed Optimization of Code and Editing in Coding of Back end of the Website Totally Custom CSS and Animation effects, and Open Source Editor then WordPress is your best choice, but if you are a Startup, Don't have Higher Budget, No Time to Edit site, Less Budget and OK with Pretty Intermediate level of User Interface with less time using Wix Pre Designed Templates you can just make your Business Site within a day too. That's the Beauty of Wix.

9) Do you want Multi-Level Menu Dropdown or Up to 2 Level is OK?

Ans - If you want Multi Drop Down Menu with more than Level 2 then you should go with WordPress only as Wix has Menu Drop Down up to Level 2 only, as it's not Open Source CMS so you can't do Custom Coding for the same, Even no Wix Apps are available for more than Level 2 Menu in Wix App Market.

Wordpress Mega Menu
Wordpress Mega Menu Option

Wix Menu Demo
Wix Menu Dropdown Demo

10) Do you want more dynamic Functionality or Simple Functionality is ok for you?

Ans - Dynamic Functionality Like Custom Form Creation, Marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr Creation, Urban Clap Type Website Creation where more than 3 User Roles and admin panels are available then you should opt for WordPress CMS only as Wix offers Limited Functionality, Apps and Custom Coding Scope.

11) Do you want Coding Optimization and Speed Optimization in Server-Side Script or Coding?

Ans- As Wix is not Open Source CMS so There Back end Coding is Not possible to change, Even you can't Insert CDN, Server Side Database Cleanup and Wanted to have access to your Domain, root Folders, and Back end Coding, and Like to Manage that's possible with WordPress only as WordPress is Open Source and have Cpanel access where you can manage but in Wix there is no option to get back up your Back end Coding, Database Files.

Make your Website Loading Faster with Yudha Global
Pingdom Website Loading Results

12) Are you looking to Sync Google Merchant Center Option?

Ans - Wix has a limitation as of now, using Wix CMS you can't create a Direct Google Merchant Store from your Wix Ecommerce App, For that you need to go to an app available in the Wix market as Ecwid Ecommerce App but that application has its own limitation, so I would suggest if you are planning to build an eCommerce store which can support Google Merchant store too then WordPress is the best choice.

13) Do you like to work in Offline mode or Online Mode?

Ans - As WordPress site can be edited in offline mode too and after completion, you can upload it to your server and can make Online Edits too. Within Wix, You need Constant High-Speed Internet Connection, and has to work online mode only as It's Online Website Editor so.

14) Do you want Dedicated Support to Manage your website builder or you can take care of your own?

Ans - Is your Website will be a Kind of Marketplace, E-commerce, or Custom Flow-based? Do you need to update your website Every 6 Months? Are you planning to add more functionalities and dependent Flows from Existing ones?

If you want Easy Updates like Content, changes, Blog Additions, Image Changes, Video additions, Form additions, etc then Wix will work better. but if you are looking for more Technical based additions, Custom Coding additions then WordPress Website will suit you more.

15) Do you want to take full control of your website on your own or are you ok to give access to Remote Developers?

Ans - If you are not Technical Person and Know Coding, Server Setup Stuff and Can not take control of your Online Presence then I suggest you should go with Wix Website Builder as It's Pretty Much easy to Manage, Handle, Update and Managing Hosting, Domain Connections, App management is easy within Wix Website Builder. Hire Wix Website Expert Today.

16) How many Secure sites are you looking to build which can’t be hacked easily?

Ans - Well, This depends on the Website Functionality, Level of Privacy, and Functionality part of the website. I am not saying WordPress can't be hacked but if you use Black themes or Out-Dated plugins, Low-Cost Hosting Service Providers and Their outdated Security Features, 2 Step Authentication Level for C panel access, and Database Security then your WordPress Website or Blog can't be easily hacked by hackers. As Wix is not Open Source CMS, Also their Apps are usually checked and prevented by Wix Team if it's Outdated and easy to Hack so Wix is more Secure as compared to WordPress. but you need to take other considerations from my List too.

Site Hacking
This what you see when your site is hacked

17) How much-updated Plugins are you looking for, As WordPress has lots of plugins That are outdated or never answered in Forums?

Ans - WordPress has over 1 Million Plugins for a different purpose also can be free or paid, and some Plugins are developed by Local Developers or Software Companies, Who Even Don't Reply to Support Tickets and Forums, Also their

code can be malicious and can easily be hacked too. But some of Professional Plugins are also available in WordPress Plugin Market.

While Wix is not open Source so every plugin is Either Developed by Wix Developer Team and if it's Third-Party App Developer then Wix Team Check the Code First and Approve only if it's Workable, Secure, Easy to Manage and even small child can utilize the apps easily that much user friendly level has to be achieved. Also, periodic Checks and Updation are done and Wix Team Keep Checking Apps Progress, support team's reply, and Their Feedback and Take actions for Low Feedback Plugin Developer Company.

18) How much Help and Support Level are you expecting after your website is live?

Ans - Well If you are a Non-Technical Person and Wanted Weekly or Monthly Website Edits or like to keep adding new functionalities and Contents, Pages by own and if you can't Handle my own you need a Remote Developer for updation and you are ready to pay ongoing basis then Wordpress will not suit you because Wordpress required regular updates for Plugins, CMS Versions and if versions are updated or plugins are, themes are updated it maybe the layout or custom coding doesn't stay as it is, While in Wix If updates come, it's managed all from server and coding side and doesn't change its layout.

19) How much SEO Level are you expecting to have for your website?

Ans - Within Wix, You can set up Schema Markup codes, Meta Keywords, On-Page SEO, Third-Party App Integrations, and Iframe additions are possible. but in Wix, you can't do Server Optimization, That Much Speed Optimizations As it's Drag and Drop based Website builder so it has by Default some Requests. In Wix, Everything has to be done manually, and you Need Wix SEO Expert to Take care of it if you don't have time to manage or Don't have an idea about SEO Setup. Wix Also offers Wix SEO Suggestions.

But with Wordpress using Yoast SEO Plugin or All in one SEO Plugin you can get multiple Free tools, Keyword Research tools (If Upgraded) Detailed SEO Report and Suggestions to use in the website, Also Speed Optimization, Server Optimization, Mobile Optimization, AMP Setup are available within Wordpress SEO.

20) How much Ongoing Support are you expecting and Like to Keep updated on your website as per Platform Updates?

Ans - If you know WordPress used to release version updates with More Security and More Easy UI/UX Options, and Plugins Ongoing Updates so sometimes when you have done Custom Coding in WordPress Due to Version updates or Plugin Updates it affects UI and Somewhat functionalities if you are not technical then you can lose the site codes too, so you need to plan out for future updates too.

While in Wix, if updates come, it doesn't affect your UI/UX or Functionalities too so that's easy to update automatically by just One Click.

21) Do you want to build Mobile Application and Like to keep the same admin panel for a website and Mobile app?

Ans - If you are planning a Mobile App Development for your E-commerce Business or Custom Flow-Based Startup Portal or Marketplace Then You should go with WordPress CMS as Wix Now offers Mobile App Development Admin Panel Integration as of now.

If you like our blog, please share it with your friends or clients who are still confused about which CMS to go with. Also, Leave your comments about blogs or queries.

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