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Which one is better, WordPress or Wix?

Updated: Mar 10

Wix or Wordpress
Wix or Wordpress? Which one is better?

I have been Designing Wix Website For 10+ Years and My Portfolio covers over 300+ Websites which include Informative Website, Ecommerce Website, Blog Website, Landing Pages. But Every time I get a New Client they ask me, Which is Better Wordpress or Wix?

Some of the Clients really don't have an idea which Content Management System they should opt for? or Some don't have an Idea how website business works or What are the important factors that help you to decide the best content Management System.

1) What’s Your Business Type?

Ans - Basically, If you are looking to build normal, Informative Website only with Less Customized Coding and User Interface Design then Wix is good to go, but if you are a concern with Modern Looking UI, Custom Javascript and Custom Functionality of PHP based, High-End Specification, High-End Ecommerce Website or Custom Platform or Marketplace Development type of scope then WordPress is your choice.