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Is Wix Good For SEO?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

2) Wix SEO Wiz Option available to setup Wix SEO -pany which redirect their clients from using Wix website builder for Normal informative site or Normal E-commerce or Blog Site too. I Know How Powerful Wix Website Builder is and How Much Capable of SEO Compatibility. Many of my clients also ask me, Is Wix Good for SEO Perspective and I always reply with them,

1) If your Business Wix Site purpose is just to showcase normal Information like services, Online presence, Normal Information about timing and About your company

2) If your Wix Site is made for Normal Blogging, Cooking Tips, Recipe business, Travel Blog, Food Business, Hotel Reviews Site, Place Review Site,

3) If your Wix Site is made for Normal One to One E commerce Business and You like to showcase of your Product Category, Items and Wanted to get Quick Sales by Normal Check out Process then wix is good Choice.

How do you Decide Which CMS is good For SEO or Not?

There are tons of Website Builder available in Market Right Now and some are Paid and Some are free one. Some are made for Extraordinary Customization and Some are just Non-tech Persons who don't have idea how to write Programming Languages. but Whenever you Create a New Website What Points you should consider While Choosing Right CMS, Please Check out My Another Blog.

So Here We are discussing about Free Website builder "Wix" so Let's Get Some Real Facts How Does Wix SEO Works So Easily? Hire today Wix SEO Expert for your Wix Site.

1) You don't Have to Install Any Plugins For SEO in Wix -

Yes, You read Right, In Wix Website Builder, They offer In built SEO Options and Updated There SEO Algorithm as well. If you want to update your Page Heading Tittles, It's Just Easy By Adding a New Text and Select your Heading Tag Professionally.

Set Heading Tags in Wix

Learn How to Setup H1 - H6 Tags in Wix

2) Wix SEO Wiz Option avilable to setup Wix SEO -

Yes, You Can Setup Wix SEO by Own as well in Wix Website Builder and that will guide you for Business Information, Keyword Density and It's Competition Level By Wix SEO Wiz, You can setup your SEO Plan you also get suggestions as per your Maximum 5 Keywords and Based on That It Will guide you How to Setup, Page Tittle, Meta Keywords and Description. Check out below screenshots,

Setup SEO in Wix

To Setup SEO in Wix Website Go to your Dashboard and Click on SEO, So This Screen Will Popup and You can Get an Option to Setup Wix SEO Wiz Option.

Keyword Setup by Wix SEO Wiz

After you click on Get Found on Google, You will See an Option to Setup Business information and Keywords Options that you like to Focus. After Searching Keywords via Free Keyword Search Tools like Soolve, Google Keywords Planner, Ubbersuggest

And After you have decided Correct Keywords and It's Traffic Ratio, you can just enter Up to 5 Keywords in Wix SEO Wiz. Hire me today to get Found your Wix Site on Google.

Check keyword Density in Wix SEO Wiz

After you have decided Keywords and Created SEO plan, Wix SEO Wiz Will suggest you different SEO Suggestions and Option to Edit them into Wix SEO Editor. It can give you options like Meta Description, Keywords, Meta Page Tittle,

SEO Suggestions by Wix SEO Wiz

3) Easy to Setup On Page SEO -

In Wix Website builder you get free of cost and easy to Setup On Page SEO and Write Page Tittle, Meta Description, Meta Keywords There. You can setup Page URL Link as well in Wix per page Wise.

Get On Page Setup In Wix

On Page SEO Setup In Wix

You even can setup Social Share Whenever somebody share your website link on Social Media, which Image and What content should be shown can be controlled as well.

4) You can add now Schema Markup Code In Wix -

Yes, In Wix Website Builder Now you can add schema Markup codes as well in Per Page Wise to showcase different Schema markup Codes like Local Business, Reviews, Products, Business, Article, Blog Schema codes and many more. Check out,

Schema Markup Code Setup In Wix

So once you add Schema Markup Code, When you search for your Website Services, you can get this View -

Schema Markup Code Demo in Wix Site

If you need help with Schema markup Code Setup For your Wix Site, Contact me today.

5) In Built Speed Optimization Options Available -

In Wix Website Builder you don't have to worry about speed optimization of your website, as Wix Has different options in built in CMS,

1) Image Compression

2) Gzip Compression

3) Cache Option

4) CDN Setup

5) AMP for Blog Optimization

6) Schema Code Generation

7) Wix Turbo For Fast Loading

6) In Built Tracking and Analytic Code Injection Option -

In Wix Website Builder You can Add Meta Links for google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Adsense, Google Adwords , Yandex Metrica etc.

Add Tracking & Analytics Code in Wix Site

7) Multi Language SEO -

If you business is situated at multiple countries and your target audience is multiple countries then you can definitely love Wix Website Builder, as Wix Has In built Multi Lingual Option in Wix CMS. Let me know if you need help with Wix Multi Language SEO

Multi Language Wix SEO

8) 301 Redirect Setup -

In Wix Website Builder you even get 301 redirect Option, so if you are coming from other CMS or Other Website, or wanted to update your live website pages even after publishing you can setup 301 redirection for your site.

Setup 301 Redirect in Wix

So are you still Struggling which CMS you should use for your Next Website Project, Then Let's have chat, i am available through email - and Skype - dhruvnimbark, I definitely look forward to seeing you with you queries.

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