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What is SEO? Why SEO is Still Popular in 2019?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Search Engine Optimisation - The Term itself says that it is the process of making one site or blog Optimised for Search Engine to get more traffic, visibility , High Engagement, Low Bounce Rates. Success Ratio that you wanted to Highlight of your site.

Well, SEO is not compulsory till you are not worried below terms,

Why it’s Needed?

1st Valid Reason - Get 1st Rank to Get More Leads

for Visitors Numbers, Traffic on site, Activity on your site, Leads, Business Opportunity, Contact Form Inquiry , Sales, Social Engagement , Social Follower Links, Your site’s Visibility and How some one can easily search for term and your site gets listed on 1st Rank.

2nd Valid Reason - Increase your Business/ Service/ Product's Visibility to Audience

In 2019, Everything is available on Google, You just need to Ask Google Assistant to find a place or ask for details and Google Assistant Answers you with Details, Well that's 2019. So if you want to compete in 21st Century You need to Publish your website and get them on Higher Ranking on Search Engines. To Enjoy Ongoing Inquires, Bookings, Sales, you need to get started for SEO Today.

3rd Valid Reason - Long Term Business Generation Method in 2019

Think as it's Not for Short term but for Long term Return on investment. Once you get White Hat SEO Expert for Website's SEO then it stays for long term (If Google Don't Update it's Ranking Algorithm)

Till 2020, 80% Business will be generated by Mobile Phones, Which is Right now People are using more and You are getting more traffic from Mobile Phones.

in 2020, 80% of Website Traffic Will be generated by Mobile Devices.

4th Valid Reason - Get your brand Reputation develop by getting good feedbacks from users, Visitors, Consumers.

If you achieve good Feedback , Ratings, Sales, Reviews on site by SEO you can save your Marketing efforts cost (As once it’s start getting listed on 1st Rank, you will get more reviews (Positive - Ideal 5 stars)

5th Valid Reason - Increase your Point of Contacts

You Must be thinking by SEO, How Point of Contact can be increased?

Well, That's called off Page SEO activities which an White Hat SEO Expert do where there are couple of activities are done like,

  • Backlink Creation

  • Classified Website Listing

  • Social Media Bookmarking and Account Creations

  • Blog Writing/Commenting

  • Guest Posting

  • Press Release Submission and Writing

  • Content Promotion and Bookmarking

  • Social Media Posting and Promotion

  • Video Promotion

  • Forum Account Creation and Answer Queries of Users

  • Local SEO and Map Listing Creation

It’s a Process to Increase your Point of contacts Numbers by Classified Listing, Social Bookmarking, Business Listing, Blog Bookmarking and many other activities by where People can reach to you easily via Email or Contact Number Also they can have full details what Services do you provide best Services.

6th Valid Reason -

If you are concern for Brand Value creation then i must suggest to get SEO done.

and if you need to Hire SEO Expert then check out more about my Services, offering, Past client's Success Ratio and There Ranking Proof.

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