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5 SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

As the search engine's algorithm continues to change, brands must constantly update their sites' content to maintain a competitive edge. Here are 5 SEO techniques to drive more organic traffic in 2022:

1) Keyword research-

It is a vital part of organic traffic development. Not only does keyword research provide important information on search intent, but it can also help determine which posts will have the greatest impact on the search engine's algorithms.

Keyword Research Using Ahrefs SEO Tool | Yudha Global
Keyword Research Using Ahrefs SEO Tool

2) Increase the search volume of keywords -

This can help increase organic traffic by placing your site on the first page of Google. Identify high-volume keywords in tools such as Ahref keyword explorer, Google keyword planner, and Moz keyword planner. These tools will give you a better idea of which keywords to target and how to rank for them. Once you have the right keywords, you can start building a strategy around them.

Find High Search volume keywords with Low Competition Level | Yudha Global
Find High Search volume keywords with Low Competition Level

3) Improve user experience -

This is one of the most important SEO techniques to drive organic traffic. Providing a positive user experience is the basis of most other SEO techniques. If your website is not user-friendly, it will not get high search engine rankings. Google measures time spent on a website and how engaged users are. If your users don't feel at home on your site, it's highly likely that Google will penalize your site, which can lead to a drop in organic traffic.

How to check Google Analytics Engagement Ratio
Check out your Google Analytics Engagement Ratio

By Using Google Analytics, You can also check out Which pages needs to be updated or People are Leaving your site often, That's Called Exit Pages of your site. So when you find any pages are not performing well so Fix those Exit Pages on Website, Also Check out your User Experience Design, Like Fix all Overlapping Issues or Misalignment on site.

Traffic Drop and Find Exit Pages | Yudha Global
Traffic Drop and Find Exit Pages

Also Your Website Needs to be Easy to Navigate on all devices so users can easily reach to your Services/Products, Contact Pages etc.

This is a Good Example of Bad Menu Setup -

This is a Good Example of Good Menu Design for Same Company -

4) Focus on Long Tail Keywords –

Google has rolled out new updates in 2022 to focus on FAQ and Long Tail Keywords in Search Box Itself. So, identity to do or FAQ questions or Generalized Topics as Long Tail Keywords and Prepare Blog Articles and start posting it on your website.

Use High Search Volume Long Tail Keywords for SEO | Yudha Global
As you can see High Search Volume Long Tail Keywords

5) Focus on Youtube -

As you know Youtube is Part of Google Itself and Right now in 2022 Google Algorithm has updated and they have released for Video and Image Queries. So Start Creating Contents on Youtube Videos and Also Post Click to action based Images.

Hope this article helps you to understand Latest SEO Trends in 2022. Get in touch, If you are looking for SEO Services for your Business.

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