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How to Measure your SEO by Google Analytics?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Measure your SEO Score by Google Analytics
How to measure your SEO Quality by Google Analytics

If you have build any brand new website, blog, e-commerce website, landing page and wanted to reach to your real target country, audience.

When you hire any SEO Freelancer or SEO Agency for your SEO works and they finished the work of SEO, after completion of SEO , How you can understand that was paid amount for SEO was worth or not? How as a Non technical person can understand whether the SEO Quality is High, Have you chosen right SEO Partner?

Well, to answer your question and how as a non technical Person you can track that SEO is done in Right Strategy based or it has just wasted your Time and Money.

I have listed 13 points which you have to check when you login to your google analytics account. Now First of all Open your Google Analytics account.

1) Select your Website which you like to check traffic of -

2) Go to Dashboard where you will see this type of Information - This comes in Audience and Then Click on Overview.

3) Check your Traffic Overview there and Check Most Important points like,

  • Total Users (This Shows Total Number of Users Visited your site)

  • How Many New Users (This state should be always high)

  • Numbers of New Sessions (This Shows that how many new sessions are initiated, More New Sessions are Preferred)

  • Number of Page Views (This Shows Total How many Page Views are done by All Users, More Page Views are good)

  • Avg. Session Duration (That should be long as possible, Long Session Duration shows that user is really liking your contents and spend more time to read your contents)

  • Bounce Rate (That should be low as possible)

4) Check your Target Audience Demographics -

5) Measure your Target Country Hits - Here you can check whether are you getting correct target audience or you need to work here.

When you have specific Target Country defined, Make sure in Google Search Console you have selected correct Target Country only.

6) Check whether your contents are impressive or Need work to make it engaging and lower down your bounce rates

7) Check your Target Audience Device - Weather you have more mobile Visitors or Desktop or Tablet Visitors, if you notice your target visitors are more from Mobile then Make sure your website is fast loading in Mobile Devices and Easy accessible by users, same as For Desktop and Tablet and make sure you get visitors from all devices possible and understand your visitors preference.

8) Check Your User Flow - Measure from Which Pages Visitors are Landing to your site and What are the Total Clicks and User Behavior like,

  • Next Click

  • Pages They Visit

  • Are they going to Book Appointment or Contact Page or not?

  • Are they staying for long time and clicks multiple pages of your site or not? (Comes in Interlinking and Call to action)

  • Find out those pages which visitors are leaving more and maybe rework or optimize it.

9) Check your Website Traffic Source -

Understand from which method are you getting more Visitors, is it from?

  • Direct Traffic

  • Paid Google PPC or Social Media Paid Campaigns

  • Organic Search

  • Referral (From Blogs, Videos, YouTube or Content Promotion or Discount Codes or Landing pages) Through Social Media accounts

Check your organic traffic sources and check how much traffic are you getting from Search Engines (Which Comes by your Real SEO)

10) Understand Visitor's Behavior - check which pages are being visited more and Make sure less visited pages should be optimized and More visited Pages should be optimized as well and you can make sure your site structure is good or needs updates. This will give your how many each page wise visits are you getting.

Hope this checklist helped you to understand whether are you going in right direction or you need to change your SEO Strategy. If you want to learn more

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