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Which is better, Shopify or WIX?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Shopify Vs Wix Comparision
Which is better, Shopify or WIX? Let's Check out

Well, That Depends on E-commerce Application you want, Both have Pros and Cons So let's get started directly with Comparison between Wix and Shopify.

Let’s Talk about First about Shopify -

Pros of Shopify -

  1. Allows Great UI based Themes

  2. Allows Third-party Integrations

  3. Allows Custom Coding

  4. Great for SEO

  5. Easy to Use and Learn

  6. Check out User Base of Shopify - Shopify Usage Statistics

  7. Easy to Manage by Non-Technical Person too

  8. You can make a Multi-vendor website using Shopify

  9. Can be used for High End Custom Functional Store

  10. Secure

Cons of Shopify -

  1. Costly

  2. There are some Limitation in Custom Coding

  3. Shopify developers are somewhat Costly

  4. You need to definitely pay Monthly or Yearly Fees to use Shopify

  5. Takes time to get new Updates

  6. Plugins are somewhat Costly

  7. Takes time to get a New Store Up so Time taking Process

Now Let’s Talk about Wix -

Pros of Wix -

  1. Easy to Use

  2. Offers Free Hosting too and Templates

  3. Affordable

  4. Fast to develop, Hire Wix Expert Today.

  5. Can use some of the pre-made E-commerce apps

  6. Good for SEO

  7. Wix offers Commission Free App which is good

  8. No Ongoing or Monthly Payment for any themes

  9. Affordable Hosting and Apps Pricing available in Monthly or Yearly Basis

  10. Any Non Technical person can also create an E-commerce site using Wix

  11. You get Auto Updates Installed with 1 Click only

  12. Secure

Cons of Wix -

  1. There are Limited E-commerce Apps in Wix Market

  2. There are limited Payment gateway Integration Option

  3. You can’t build Multi-vendor site using Wix

  4. You can’t do that much Customization as compare to Shopify

  5. You can’t integrate more Third-party Integrations

  6. You can’t optimize a website to load faster by coding (Available now using Wix Turbo Beta Mode)

  7. No Shipping Integration options Enabled inbuilt like shopify

  8. Can be used for any startup E-commerce website only

  9. Less User base As compare to Shopify -

Hope you get Basic Comparison Idea and Which CMS you can go with as per your custom requirements. Contact me today for Wix Website Design.

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