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Which is better, Shopify or WIX?

Updated: Mar 10

Shopify Vs Wix Comparision
Which is better, Shopify or WIX? Let's Check out

Well, That Depends on E-commerce Application you want, Both have Pros and Cons So let's get started directly with Comparison between Wix and Shopify.

Let’s Talk about First about Shopify -

Pros of Shopify -

  1. Allows Great UI based Themes

  2. Allows Third-party Integrations

  3. Allows Custom Coding

  4. Great for SEO

  5. Easy to Use and Learn

  6. Check out User Base of Shopify - Shopify Usage Statistics

  7. Easy to Manage by Non-Technical Person too

  8. You can make a Multi-vendor website using Shopify

  9. Can be used for High End Custom Functional Store

  10. Secure